Fishing In Chesterfield

Nestled in Derbyshire, Chesterfield is a town renowned for its crooked spire as its excellent fishing venues. Anglers from across the region and beyond are drawn to Chesterfield’s diverse fishing locations, each offering a unique combination of species, settings, and experiences.

A major angling hub in Derbyshire, Chesterfield is surrounded by various fishing waters. From the tranquillity of Ringwood Lake and Wingerworth Lido to the teeming waters of Barlborough Springs Fishery and Press Manor Fishing Lakes, there’s an aquatic haven for every kind of angler. Additionally, spots like Harlesthorpe Dam and Carr Vale Pond further enrich the town’s angling offerings, providing an assortment of freshwater species for both amateur and seasoned fishermen.

Each fishing location in Chesterfield comes with its unique charm. You may find yourself casting a line into quiet ponds tucked away amidst the lush greenery or sitting by the serene lakes, each providing a sanctuary for various freshwater species, including Carp, Tench, Perch, and many more.