Fishing and Fisheries in Crewe

Crewe, a bustling railway town in Cheshire, England, is well-known for its rich industrial heritage and vibrant community. Crewe and its surrounding areas offer many exciting angling opportunities for fishing enthusiasts. From serene lakes to meandering rivers, anglers of all skill levels can find the perfect spot to cast their line. This brief guide’ll showcase some top fishing locations in and around Crewe.

  • Micklewrights Flash
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  • Lakemore Fisheries
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  • Winterley Pool Fishery
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  • Brookbank Pool
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  • Boundary Water Park
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  • Mere Moor Fishery
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  • Border Fisheries
    Address Waybutt Lane, Crewe CW2 5QA, United Kingdom Fishery Information Controlled by the Bay Malton … Read more
  • Gordons Pool
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  • Dovehouse Pool
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  • Brookside Lakes
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  • Bradeley Hall Fishing Pool
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  • Barr Hills Pools
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  • Gorsty Hall Fisheries
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  • Betley Mere
    Address Main Road, Betley, Crewe, Cheshire CW3 9BH, United Kingdom Fishery Information Betley Mere can … Read more
  1. Border Fisheries: Border Fisheries is a popular coarse fishing complex situated near Crewe, offering a variety of well-stocked lakes. Anglers can target carp, tench, bream, and roach species. Facilities include ample parking, toilets, and a café. Day tickets can be purchased on-site.
  2. River Weaver: The River Weaver flows through Cheshire, providing anglers with the opportunity to catch chub, roach, bream, and even barbel. Access points can be found in several locations around Crewe. A valid Environment Agency rod license and a permit from a local angling club are required.
  3. Betley Mere: Located near Crewe, Betley Mere is a tranquil lake that offers excellent coarse fishing opportunities. Anglers can target species such as carp, tench, and bream. A day ticket or membership with the local angling club is required to fish at this location.

In summary, Crewe and its surrounding areas offer a variety of fantastic fishing locations for anglers to explore. Always adhere to local rules and regulations, and enjoy your time on the water.