Fishing in East Yorkshire

Plenty of options are available if you want to go fishing in East Yorkshire. This page covers all the fisheries in the area and will recommend some of our favourite spots.

Recommended Coarse Fishing in East Yorkshire

West Yorkshire has some of the best canal fishing in the country, so a few of these have to make our list.

Driffield Canal: If you’re looking for a peaceful place to fish, the canal at Wansford village is perfect. But be warned – there are some big ones in there if you’re up for a challenge! While smaller silvers are easy enough to catch, going after the bigger fish can be tricky.

Aire and Calder Canal: The canal is 30 metres (or around 100 feet) wide, and the main boat channel has an average depth of 12 feet. The canal is home to many types of fish, including roach, skimmers, trout, eel, carp, chub and rudd. Large catches of roach and skimmers weighing over 30lbs are not unusual.

Risby Park Fishing Ponds: This stunning venue is home to carp, tench, bream and sturgeon. If you’re looking for an idyllic spot for fishing, look no further than Risby Park and Fishing Ponds!

Carp Fishing in East Yorkshire

Rainbow Lake: Rainbow Lake, located on Newbridge Road in Burstwick, is a 6-acre gravel pit excavated in the 1800s to build the Withernsea railway line. It now operates as a carp fishery and is ideal for experienced anglers, as fishing here can present some difficulties.

Westfield Country Park: Westfield Country Park, situated on the East Yorkshire Coast, is a private fishery with three lakes and lovely log cabins surrounding them. The perfect place for anglers to stay overnight, this family-owned complex has everything you need for a relaxing fishing trip.

Trout Fishing in East Yorkshire

Mulberry Whin Fly Fishing: Not only does the Mulberry-Whin have a healthy population of wild trout, but it also has a significant quantity of grayling that weigh three pounds or more on average.

Wansford Course and Trout Fisheries: Wansford Fisheries is a prime destination for carp and trout fishermen, located in the Yorkshire Wolds near Driffield. The lakes are kept in excellent condition, with healthy populations of fish.