Fishing in Hastings

Embrace Hastings’s unique blend of history, natural beauty, and fishing tradition. Renowned for its vibrant seafront and historic Old Town, Hastings also boasts an angling scene that’s as diverse as exciting.

Perched on the Sussex coastline, this charming town offers abundant saltwater fishing opportunities. Whether fishing from the beach or chartering a boat to explore deeper waters, you’re in for a thrill. Expect to encounter a variety of sea fish species, from the elusive sea bass to the popular mackerel.

The stunning local reservoirs and lakes around Hastings also promise fruitful coarse and carp fishing. Stocked with various fish species, these freshwater bodies provide a contrasting experience to sea fishing, nestled in tranquil settings.

Hastings truly encapsulates the essence of a comprehensive fishing experience, providing ample sea and freshwater fishing opportunities. It’s an angling hub with something to offer every fishing enthusiast. So why wait? Grab your gear and explore the angling wonders of Hastings.