Fishing in Derbyshire

Derby is a county in the East Midlands of England. It is home to some of the best carp fishing lakes in the country and excellent fly fishing opportunities. There are also several great fishing clubs located in Derby, which offer members access to some prime fishing spots.

Carp Fishing Lakes in Derbyshire

Derby is home to some of the best carp fishing lakes in the country. Carp are a popular target fish for many anglers due to their size and fighting ability. There are several carp fishing lakes located in Derby, which offer excellent fishing for these prized fish.

Derbyshire’s most highly-regarded carp fishing lakes include Beehive Woodland Lakes, Pride Lake, and Press Manor Fishing Lakes. Each venue offers its unique experience, catering to various angling preferences.

Beehive Woodland Lakes

Located near Swadlincote, Beehive Woodland Lakes is a popular fishing destination with three well-stocked lakes surrounded by mature woodland. The lakes are known for their healthy carp populations, including common and mirror carp. With a range of features such as islands, margins, and lily pads, Beehive Woodland Lakes offers varied fishing opportunities and a perfect environment for carp to thrive. The venue has a strong reputation for its well-maintained facilities and friendly atmosphere, making it a top choice for carp anglers in Derbyshire.

Pride Lake

Pride Lake offers a peaceful and secluded carp fishing and coarse fishing experience in the heart of Derbyshire. The lake has various carp species, including mirror, common, ghost, and koi carp. Pride Lake is known for its specimen-sized fish, with some carp exceeding 30 pounds. The lake features a range of underwater structures and overhanging trees, providing ample cover for carp and a challenging yet rewarding experience for anglers. With its pristine surroundings and impressive fish stocks, Pride Lake has become a firm favorite among local and visiting carp fishermen alike.

Press Manor Fishing Lakes

Situated in the picturesque countryside near Chesterfield, Press Manor Fishing Lakes is a well-established fishing venue offering three separate lakes for trout, coarse, and carp fishing. The carp lake has various carp species, including mirror, common, and leather carp. With fish reaching up to 30 pounds, Press Manor is an ideal destination for specimen carp anglers. The lake is designed with numerous features such as islands, bays, and overhanging trees, providing a diverse range of fishing spots and encouraging the carp population to thrive.

In summary, Derbyshire is home to some exceptional carp fishing lakes, with Beehive Woodland Lakes, Pride Lake, and Press Manor Fishing Lakes being just a few of the standout venues. The county’s rich variety of well-stocked lakes and picturesque settings make it a prime destination for carp anglers seeking both a rewarding and scenic experience.

Still Water Trout Fishing in Derbyshire (Fly Fishing)

Derbyshire, located in the heart of England, boasts numerous picturesque still waters, offering excellent opportunities for anglers seeking tranquil trout fishing experiences. This article highlights some of Derbyshire’s finest still water trout fishing locations, including the Derwent Valley reservoirs, Foremark Reservoir, Carsington Water, and Ogston Reservoir.

Foremark Reservoir

Foremark Reservoir, a vast 230-acre lake nestled within the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, is home to an abundant population of rainbow, brown, and blue trout. The reservoir is regularly stocked to maintain a healthy fish population, ensuring fantastic sport for anglers. Additionally, the reservoir boasts a sizable population of pike and perch, which can be fished using fly or lure techniques. With well-maintained bankside access, Foremark Reservoir is a popular destination for novice and experienced anglers alike.

Carsington Water

Carsington Water is another prime location for still water trout fishing in Derbyshire. This picturesque reservoir is renowned for its boat fishing opportunities, with a fleet of boats available for hire. The water is regularly stocked with brown and rainbow trout, with specimens reaching up to an impressive 8lbs. The diverse habitat at Carsington Water provides excellent feeding grounds for trout, ensuring thrilling action for anglers.

Ogston Reservoir

Managed by the Derbyshire County Angling Club, Ogston Reservoir is a hidden gem offering superb trout fishing in a serene environment. The reservoir is stocked with rainbow and brown trout, providing a challenging and exciting fishing experience. The Derbyshire County Angling Club maintains the fishing rights on Ogston Reservoir and offers day tickets as well as annual memberships for anglers. Ogston Reservoir is an idyllic spot for a peaceful day of fishing, surrounded by lush woodlands and rolling hills.

Derwent Valley Reservoirs

The Derwent Valley reservoirs, comprising Howden, Derwent, and Ladybower reservoirs, are popular destinations for still-water trout fishing in Derbyshire. These interconnected reservoirs provide a diverse range of fishing opportunities, with each reservoir boasting unique characteristics that cater to different angling preferences. The reservoirs are stocked with rainbow and brown trout, with some wild trout populations thriving in the area. Bank and boat fishing options ensure an enjoyable experience for all skill levels.

River Fishing for Trout

Wild trout fishing in Derbyshire is a popular pastime for anglers, offering picturesque settings and abundant fish in its three main rivers: the River Dove, the River Wye, and the River Derwent.

River Dove

The River Dove is perhaps the most famous of the three, providing idyllic surroundings as it meanders through the tranquil Peak District National Park. It is renowned for its clear waters, abundant fly life, and wild brown trout. The river’s intimate setting and limestone bed create the ideal habitat for these trout, making it a must-visit destination for fly fishing enthusiasts.

River Wye

The River Wye is another top choice for trout fishing in Derbyshire, boasting the region’s largest population of wild rainbow and brown trout. Running through the scenic town of Bakewell and the Monsal Dale valley, it offers varied fishing opportunities, from fast-flowing stretches to deep pools. The Wye’s rich aquatic insect life provides ample feeding opportunities for trout, leading to healthy populations and great sport for anglers.

River Derwent

Lastly, the River Derwent presents a diverse fishing experience as it flows from the moorlands of Bleaklow and Howden Moors down to the lowlands of Derby. Known for its pristine water quality and abundant brown and rainbow trout, the Derwent is a fantastic option for anglers of all skill levels. With various angling clubs and private stretches available for a day ticket or syndicate fishing, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy this beautiful river.

Fishing Clubs in Derby

There are several fishing clubs located in Derby and the Peak District that offer members access to some prime fishing spots. Fishing clubs are a great way to meet other anglers and learn more about the sport. Some of the best fishing clubs in Derby include:

Derby Railway Angling Club22 Shirley Park Aston on Trent Derby Derbyshire DE72 2AP UKWebsite
Pride of Derby16 Mercia Drive Willington Derby Derbyshire DE65 6DA UKWebsite
The Earl of Harrington`s Angling ClubJubilee Cottage Off Main Street; Milton Derby Derbyshire DE65 6EF UKWebsite
Spondon Angling Club45 Sunningdale Avenue Heanor Derby Derbyshire DE75 7BS UKWebsite
Manor Fishing ClubSawpit Lane Tibshelf Alfreton Derbyshire DE55 5TZ UKWebsite

If you’re looking for great fishing in Derbyshire, check out one of the above carp fishing lakes, fly fishing spots or clubs. You’re sure to have a great time and catch some amazing fish.