Fishing In London

Surprisingly enough, London fishing offers a wealth of excellent opportunities. While this may be a well-kept secret among anglers outside the city, several impressive urban fishing venues deserve a visit. The experience of fishing in London is a unique one, distinctively different from the numerous commercial fisheries scattered across the country. So, if you’re wondering where to fish in London, get ready to explore the plentiful fishing lakes in London that provide a unique angling adventure in this bustling city.

Anglers living in the city have access to various fish species and fishing locations. Everyone can give it a whirl because it’s inexpensive and fun to learn. Even if you are from London and have lived in the city your entire life, fishing will show you a side of it you’ve never seen before.

This is equally true for visitors on a short or weekend break, a novice, or an experienced angler; you can find some excellent fishing spots in London within an hour’s drive of the capital.

Where to go fishing in London (A Guide)

Clapham Common Ponds

Suppose you want fishing lakes in London; head over to Clapham Common. There are two lakes on the Common, Mount Pond, close to the A205, and Eagle Pond, adjacent to the A24. You’ll find the Common in south Clapham, less than six miles from the city centre.

You’ll need an annual permit from Lambeth Council to fish these ponds, which you can apply for online. The ponds offer coarse fishing for Carp, Tench, Bream, Chub, and Roach. This is definitely one of the best fishing places in London and is rated one of the best fishing places in london.

Lizard Lakes Fishery

Another fishing lake in London you might like to fish is Lizard Lakes Fishery, coarse fishing near Yiewsley, West Drayton. Here you will discover two artificial fishing lakes with excellent coarse and Carp fishing.

You pay in the car park on arrival, and it’s £10 for the day. Lizard Lake is mostly Carp fishing with fish up to 8lbs; other species include Rudd, Roach, Perch, Tench, and Bream. There’s a two-rod limit at the lake. This is one of the London Fisheries that needs to be on your radar.

Redbridge Lakes

For other fishing lakes near London, try Redbridge Lakes in Essex, not far outside the city and would be classed as “fishing around London” as its not in the centre. Daisy and Cuthbert are the two leading fishing lakes.  A good fishing day is guaranteed at either lake thanks to generous stocking levels.

Lake Cuthbert is stocked mainly with Silverfish, making it a perfect match lake, as each swim is pretty uniform to the next, and talent rather than luck will determine the winner of any match.

You can find everything from Gudgeon to 26lb Mirror Carp at Lake Daisy.

Free Fishing in London. 

London offers a unique opportunity for free fishing. The River Thames, one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, is open for free fishing up to Staines. Thanks to significant improvements in water quality over recent years, the river is teeming with diverse fish.

One particularly rewarding stretch for free fishing in London is Petersham, situated near Richmond. It’s a promising spot for angling enthusiasts. When it comes to the best free fishing London has to offer, this spot is definitely worth considering.

For more insights on free fishing London Thames spots, the Visit Thames website offers an invaluable guide. It covers the free fishing available on the River Thames, starting from Oxford and extending all the way down to the heart of the City of London.

While looking for free fishing lakes in London, it’s important to note that free access to fishing lakes within the city appears to be less common. However, with the wealth of opportunities on the River Thames, anglers can still enjoy the free fishing experience without needing to venture far.

Carp Fishing In London

There are numerous opportunities for carp fishing near London. A couple of standout locations are Thorpe Lea Fishery and the two scenic lakes, Frensham Little Pond and Frensham Great Pond at Frensham in Surrey. All of these spots offer a unique experience for London carp fishing.

Thorpe Lea Fishery: Carp Fishing in London’s Outskirts

Just outside of London, nestled near Egham in Surrey, Thorpe Lea Fishery is an idyllic place for carp fishing. This fishing spot covers 18 acres and has specific opening times – thrice daily at 8 am, 9 am, and 10 am, each for fifteen minutes only. Day Tickets are accessible for 363 days each year.

Adult day tickets and junior tickets are each £16.00, while seniors get a slight discount at £9.00. For those who fancy a full day’s carp fishing in London’s outskirts, 24-hour tickets are priced at £24.00.

When you dive into London carp fishing at Thorpe Lea, you’ll find 38 swims, including five doubles. The lake is home to over 2000 Carp, reaching up to almost 38 lbs, with at least 65 unique ’30s. The gravel lake bed has weeded areas – a perfect scenario if you’re a seasoned weed angler looking for carp fishing near London.

Frensham Little Pond: Carp Fishing in London’s Green Belt

Frensham Little Pond is a dedicated specialist Carp water located in Surrey’s green belt, not far from the hustle and bustle of London. It spans over 30 acres with a four-feet depth. This spot boasts Carp up to 40lbs and a decent quantity over 35lbs. Among other big fish, you’ll find Tench up to 7lbs and Pike up to 29lbs, enhancing your experience of carp fishing in London’s surrounding areas.

For those seeking a larger body of water for their carp fishing in London, Frensham Great Pond is an excellent choice. It spans over 60 acres and has a depth of five feet. Here, you can catch Carp over 20 lbs and Tench up to 10 lbs, with smaller Pike, Perch, Rudd, and Roach also present. This lake is well-regarded for its Pike fishing as the cooler weather approaches.

For the privilege of carp fishing at Frensham, you’ll need to be a member of the Farnham Angling Society, which costs £120.00 for adults annually. Given that Frensham is one of 32 fisheries controlled by the Farnham Angling Society, your membership certainly offers great value.

All in all, when you think of carp fishing in London, or rather, fishing lakes near London, Thorpe Lea Fishery and Frensham’s lakes should top your list. These spots provide a memorable London carp fishing experience and are perfect for both novice and expert anglers alike.

Canal Fishing London

As previously mentioned, urban fishing in London is prevalent, and you could do much worse than some London canal fishing. There are only two canals in London Regent’s Canal and the Grand Union Canal. Thes are great pike fishing london locations.

The Grand Union is the longest canal in the UK and stretches 137 miles from London To Birmingham. The Regent’s Canal links to the river Thames at Limehouse and runs to Paddington; the nine-mile canal snakes through a sprawling urban landscape, including Camden, ZSL London Zoo, and Little Venice. 

You’ll find some excellent Bream and silverfish on Regent’s canal. As expected, parking is limited if you want to take your car to the canal. You could always take the tube if you don’t mind the odd stare and sarcastic comment. Suppose you want peace; head for the stretch between Hackney and Haggerstone.

The Grand Union Canal is such a long stretch of waterway it’s impossible to talk about exact fishing areas. But the most popular fish species are Pike, Perch, Common Carp, roach, and Bream.

At the London end of the Grand Union, there are various stretches of water, such as Rickmansworth to Denham, Denham To West Drayton, Slough Arm, West Drayton to Hayes, Hayes to Boston Manor, Paddington Arm, and Brentford.

These stretches of the canal are rented by local angling clubs where you would buy the permit directly from them, or you would buy a Waterways Wanderers permit from the Canal and River Trust. Check out this site to find out what you need to fish any stretch on the Grand Union Canal.

River Thames

Two of the best fishing spots on the River Thames in London include:

Hampton Court Palace

Located in southwest London, Hampton Court Palace offers a scenic and historic backdrop for a memorable fishing experience. The stretch of the River Thames near the palace is known for its excellent coarse fishing, with abundant bream, chub, roach, and barbel. Access to the riverbank is relatively easy, and the area is well-maintained. Anglers should ensure they have the necessary permits and adhere to local regulations while enjoying the serene atmosphere of this iconic location.


Situated further upstream from London, Walton-on-Thames is a popular fishing spot for anglers seeking a more tranquil environment. The area boasts a healthy population of fish species, including pike, perch, chub, roach, and dace. The banks of the River Thames near Walton-on-Thames provide ample space for anglers to cast their lines and relax in the picturesque surroundings. As always, be sure to obtain the required permits and follow local rules to ensure a sustainable and enjoyable coarse fishing experience. Its also good for carp fishing.

Pike Fishing London

Thames Water Walthamstow Reservoirs offer some excellent Pike fishing in London. For example, Farmoor Fishery is an award-winning fly fishery where you can bank some tremendous hard-fighting 40lb Pike. Day or season tickets are available for this venue. 

As a season ticket holder, you are eligible for discounted boat hire, and if you enjoy competition, entry to their regular fishing matches.

Farmoor Fishery is an all-year-round venue and is fished by anglers from the UK; plus, many Europeans enjoy visiting this spot.

Tylers Common is a thirteen-year-old premier commercial fishing venue in Brentwood, Essex. There are several fishing lakes with excellent coarse fishing in each. However, if you’re after big fish, Willow Lake is the one to fish. You can land Carp over 40 lbs here and Pike up to 28 lbs. This mature lake over 35 years old covers 2 1/2 acres.

Night fishing is possible but only with prior arrangements with the management. 

Fly Fishing London


Castafly is an organisation promoting fly fishing near London and supplying professional fly fishers that take individuals and groups on guided fly fishing tours. Their fly fishing destinations are among UK waters’ best fly fishing locations. From Frensham Trout Fishery in Surrey to chalk streams in Hampshire, Berkshire, Rivers Itchen, and Avon.  

Frensham Trout Fishery

Frensham Trout Fishery is a magnificent day ticket fishing London fly fishing venue featuring six fishing lakes. They stock a range of Rainbows, Tigers, Blues, and Browns, including some local wild fish. You’ll find the fishery in Robinswood, Churt, and Surrey. This venue supports only conventional fly fishing tackle and operates a two-fish ticket (then catch and release) for a £ 45-day ticket (8 am to 6 pm).

Albury Estate Fisheries

The final recommendation for fly fishing near London is the top-quality fly fishing venue at Albury Estate Fisheries near Guildford in Surrey. Albury lakes comprise Vale End, Weston, Powder Mills, and Park Lane.

Powder Mills is reserved for season members, Vale End and Weston for day fishers, and Park Lane is only for Syndicate members.

Season ticket prices are £195, and Albury day tickets are £14.

Some beautiful rainbows caught here up to 10 lbs; anglers pull out between 150 and 200 fish each week.

Do you have any London fishing spots you can recommend that we haven’t covered? Please let us know in the comments below.