Fishing in Cumbria

It should be no surprise that as it is one of the most astonishingly beautiful areas in the country, that most of the best fishing in Cumbria is found around the Lake District. While it’s harder to find fisheries and other venues that offer great opportunities for carp fishing, there are numerous places for fly fishing and trout fishing. If you are planning Lake District fishing trips or live locally and want to enjoy coarse fishing in the Lake District, you will find all the information you need on this page.

Fisheries in Cumbria

Fly Fishing in the Lake District

The Lake District is as famous for its fly fishing opportunities as it is for its natural and awe-inspiring beauty. If you are interested in landing trout, bass, carp, grayling, or pike, then fly fishing Cumbria is best done on the magnificent lakes that make up the Lake District. All with that irresistible backdrop.

In particular, great trout fishing Cumbria experiences can be had at the Haweswater reservoir and Ullswater. While the River Eden in the gorgeous Eden Valley offers grayling and trout fishing and the River Eamont that runs from Ullswater also has a good stock of brown trout. For a challenge, the River Lowther, dry fly fishing is challenging but rewarding.

Fishing in Carlisle

When you consider that in terms of the area alone that it is the second biggest city in England, it’s not surprising that Carlisle, with a mixture of urbanised areas and rural countryside, would be a great place for fishing.

Although there are some great Carlisle fishing experiences across the city, Lonsdale Park provides what is arguably the best fly fishing near Carlisle and best carp fishing near Carlisle. There you can access Lonsdale Lake, Deer Lake and Reed Mere, all three of which are bodies of water that are well-stocked and excellent for fishing on.

If you are serious about fishing in Carlisle and want to get the most out of it, another option open to you is the Carlisle Angling Association. As a member of the association, you can get a coarse ticket that gives you the opportunity and freedom to fish for the likes of coarse fish, brown trout, sea trout and salmon on any Association-controlled waters in the city.

Carp Fishing in Cumbria

While it’s true that carp fishing in Cumbria has decreased in popularity and availability over the years, as one of the most popular species to fish for, there are still some great opportunities out there. Ratherheath Tarn, for example, is a stunning place to fish that is close to Lake Windermere and Kendal. 20-pounds carp have been known to be caught there. The aforementioned Lonsdale Lake is also an important venue as the carp can reach the 30-pound mark there.

Ultimately, as is the case with other parts of the country, there are various opportunities for fishing in Cumbria. You just need to know where to look and now with the information above, along with the guide to different fisheries we have provided on this site, you have all the guidance you need for successful coarse fishing in the Lake District and Cumbria.

Fishing Clubs in Cumbria

Aspatria Angling ClubAspatria, Cumbria UKWebsite
Brampton Angling Association9 Greencroft, Brampton, Cumbria CA8 1AX UKWebsiteFB
Keswick Anglers AssociationKeswick, Cumbria UKWebsiteFB
Ulverston Angling AssociationUlverston, Cumbria UKWebsiteFB