Talkin Tarn


Brampton, Cumbria CA8 1BF

Fishery Information

Formed by the immense force of glaciers 18,000 years ago, Talkin Tarn is a kettle-hole lake that covers over 180 acres, 65 of which make up the tarn itself. This water is up to 42 feet deep and fed by underwater springs. It is set amidst 120 acres of woodland and farmland that offer breathtaking views of the Pennine Hills.

Fish species that are present in this water include pike, perch and eels.

Talkin Tarn is a perfect location for outdoor activities such as canoeing, sailing, bird watching and windsurfing. Rowing boats can be hired on site. If you enjoy walking, you can do it leisurely in the park’s woodland that has wheelchair-accessible paths.

Day permits are available for this fishery and can be obtained from the site office or tearoom.

What size do the fish go to?

We couldn’t find any information about the size of fish present in this fishery.

What tactics work well?

We couldn’t find any information about the tactics that work well for fishing on site.

What facilities are on site?

On-site facilities include picnic benches, a small children’s play area, public toilets, a tearoom and a rowing boat concession.

Is parking available?

Parking is available on site. Annual parking permits are available for frequent visitors.

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