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As the number 1 guide on where to enjoy fishing in the UK, we have done all the hard work for you, so you can simply select the county in which you want to find a fishery and take your pick from the best in the locality.

If you want to view the full list in a map format, then check it out here.

Latest Fisheries Added

We are constantly adding new fisheries that we find all over the UK. Below is a list of the ones that we have added recently.

Dedicated fishing enthusiasts have created Fishery Guide for everyone who enjoys this beautiful and engaging sport. We cover all fishery options, including those dedicated to carp fishing, have information on the best spots for fly fishing across the UK, and have details of canal fishing destinations and river stretches where you can fish in splendid and tranquil places.

We are the go-to guide for ‘fisheries near me’ wherever you may be in the UK, and if you want to view the entire list of every fishery in the country in map format, you can check it out here.

Fishery Guide endeavours to keep up to date as new fisheries are opened, and we are constantly adding fresh destinations as they join the wealth of excellent fishing locations. Here are some of the latest fisheries we have added to the guide.

Find Fishing Lakes Near Me by County

At Fishery Guide, we thought long and hard about the best way to display our chosen fisheries to make things easier for our users. That’s why we list every fishery under the county it is in.

Whether you are looking for fisheries in the county where you live or are spending time on holiday in the UK, you can simply head to the relevant county section and find all the great fisheries nearby. We’ve done the hard work, so you can find the best fisheries by clicking a few buttons. It is that simple to use Fishery Guide.

The following are among some of the most popular counties for fishing:

  • Kent, the Garden of England, is home to many fine carp fisheries and is one of the premier fly-fishing destinations in the UK. You’ll find a great choice of venues easily reached by the major road networks, yet in some truly beautiful and tranquil settings.
  • Lincolnshire and Norfolk are counties riddled with fens – wetlands unique to these areas and few others in the UK – that are often drained by man-made waterways, which are prime fishing spots for pike and other coarse species.
  • Hampshire has some of the oldest established fishing clubs in the UK and offers a wide variety of carp, fly, and some prime pike fishing destinations in lovely surroundings.
  • Cheshire and adjoining Greater Manchester in the northwest are great fishing counties with plenty of choices and wonderfully pleasant locations. This area is well-served by motorway networks, and there are also some city-centre fishing lakes in municipal parks.

Every county in the UK features watercourses that feed lakes or canals, rivers where fisheries manage a stretch, and other waters such as reservoirs and estate ponds where fishing can be enjoyed. Simply pick the county you want to fish in and browse the complete list of local fisheries.

Carp Fishing Near Me

Carp fishing is the most popular form of fishing in the UK. The thrill of landing that big fish you’ve hunted for months is something that cannot be matched! Carp fisheries are plentiful across the UK, and at Fishery Guide, we’ve taken the strain out of finding one close to where you live or are taking a holiday.

Many carp fisheries also offer accommodation in lodges or caravan sites, and where this is so, we will make it clear in the description. You’ll find carp fisheries on the site of old country estates, in former gravel pits, reservoirs and many more, and the rivers and canals across the country.

Where possible, we will give you information on the size and species of fish you can expect to land at the fisheries and the facilities at the venue. As all anglers know, some fisheries offer a café, bait shop, and toilet or shower facilities, yet many of the more remote and best are not so equipped!

Whilst doing our research into fisheries in the local area, we came across some tucked away in beautiful spots that we didn’t know existed, so be prepared to discover new places to fish near you that you never knew were there!

Free Fishing Near me

While we are all happy to pay a small fee to fish in our favourite local fishery, the chance to enjoy free fishing where possible is always welcome. At Fishery Guide, we’ve done the work for you and checked every county for free fishing sites, so you don’t have to use Google to find them!

Many lakes and reservoirs, rivers, canals, and other waterways, offer free fishing opportunities. You may be surprised what is local to your home or holiday destination that is free and provides a quality fishing experience. Take advantage of our extensive research and check out the Free Fishing page now, where you will find many locations to choose from.

Fishery Guide is here to make your life easier when looking for quality local fishing venues wherever you may be in the UK, so start searching now and see all the fisheries close to you.