Specimen Carp Lakes In The North West

While the Northwest may not be as well-known for its colossal carp as the South, it still holds some fascinating fishing experiences for anglers. Perhaps the slightly colder climate plays a part, but these waters can provide equally rewarding catches for those willing to invest the time and effort. This article explores the top locations for specimen carp fishing in the Northwest.

VenueRecord Carp Size (lbs)
Tatton Mere, Knutsford57
Clearwater Fisheries, Lancashire51.8
Wyre Lake, Wyreside Lakes37
Tabley Moat, Cheshire36
Crabmill Flash, Crewe – Wheelock AS35
Cotton Park and Cotton Moss – Wheelock AS, CheshireMid-30s (approx)
Wrinehill, Crewe – Lymm Anglers30
Moore Quarry, Warrington30
Home Farm Fisheries28.6
Redesmere Lake, MacclesfieldOver 40 (historic)

Moore Quarry, Warrington

Located near the Manchester Ship Canal, nestled by the village of Moore, the Moore Quarry is a testament to the potential of post-industrial landscapes. Once a sand quarry, it now thrives as one of the premier fishing spots in the Northwest, despite its reputation as a tricky challenge even for the seasoned angler.

The water, remarkable for its clarity, plunges to depths exceeding 40 feet in certain areas, offering the carp room to grow and flourish. The lake’s principal stock consists of specimen carp, with other species like bream, tench, roach, perch, and the occasional pike also found in its depths. Carp sizes can exceed 30 lbs, with common, mirror, and grass carp present. Double-figure bream and tench may not be abundant, but they help seal Moore Quarry’s reputation as a top-class specimen water.

Wyre Lake at Wyreside Lakes

For the carp fishing aficionado, Wyre Lake is an absolute must-visit. With the lake record currently standing at a whopping 37lbs, it’s considered a top carp fishing destination in the Northwest. Available to season ticket holders, day and night permits are also on offer from October to March, with a minimum 48-hour pass necessary.

Tatton Mere, Knutsford

In the stunning Cheshire countryside lies Tatton Mere, a renowned lake home to an incredibly diverse species collection, including one of the largest carp in the country weighing up to 57lbs.

Clearwater Fisheries, Lancashire

For those in search of the biggest carp in the Northwest, a trip to Clearwater Fisheries in Lancashire is in order. Here, one can find carp that tip the scales at an astounding 51lb 8oz.

Home Farm Fisheries

Home Farm Fisheries is known for its impressive carp record of 28lb 6oz. With over 300 double-figure carp in the lake, including several high doubles and a few over 20lb, it’s certainly a destination to consider for any ambitious angler.

Tabley Moat, Cheshire

Not much is available about Tabley Moat, but it’s worth noting that the club record mirror carp weighed in at a significant 36lb. It is a Lymm Anglers water, so it’s best to reach out to them directly for further information.

Wrinehill, Crewe – Lymm Anglers

This Lymm Anglers spot in Wrinehill, Crewe, has shown consistent growth over the past five years, producing multiple 30lb fish and a host of mid-20lb carp with room for further growth.

Redesmere Lake, Macclesfield

Redesmere Lake once boasted of carp over 40lb, but it’s believed that those particular fish have since passed on. The lake’s future potential remains a mystery, adding an extra level of excitement for the adventurous angler.

Crabmill Flash, Crewe – Wheelock AS

Just outside of Crewe, the Crabmill Flash continues to surprise anglers with its beautiful array of stunning carp. Some of these fish have been caught at weights over 30lbs, reaching up to 35lb.

Cotton Park and Cotton Moss – Wheelock AS, Cheshire

Finally, the picturesque twin lakes of Cotton Park and Cotton Moss round off this list. Known as the club’s most popular waters, these lakes provide carp up to the mid-30s and feature well-maintained car parks, pathways, and swims. Cotton Moss, a 15-acre former sand quarry, and the smaller Cotton Park, known for its increased difficulty, make for an intriguing choice for anglers.

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