Fishing In Ireland

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the angling utopia that is Ireland. Widely recognized as Europe’s premier destination for a fishing holiday, Ireland offers an unrivalled variety and quality fishing experiences. From the temperate climate and mild waters to the stunning array of cold and warm water fish species, fishing in Ireland is a dream for any angler, casual or specialist. We have curated an expansive list of 100 fisheries for you. After exploring our recommended places, you’ll realize why Ireland is a favourite for many.

Guide to Notable Fishing Locations in Ireland

Coarse Fishing Delight

The dream of an Ireland fishing trip with an enviable catch of bream or the chance to participate in prominent angling festivals like The King of Clubs is a reality thanks to Ireland’s network of rivers, loughs, and canals. This network places Ireland among the world’s top destinations for coarse angling.

Our guide offers tips on the best baits and methods, where to find the biggest catches, and an overview of the best locations for fishing Ireland, including nearby towns and villages for an enjoyable stay. The River Erne and Lough Gowna, especially around Cootehill in Co. Cavan, provide fantastic coarse fishing experiences.

The Allure of Trout Angling

With its vast network of rivers and loughs, Ireland is one of the last havens for truly wild trout, enticing anglers back year after year. The brown trout, or Breac Donn in Gaelic, is a native Irish species, flourishing in waters ranging from small mountain streams to wide limestone rivers and loughs.

Ireland boasts 16,000 km of main river channel and 10,000 km of tributary, providing an ideal habitat for trout. Plus, there are more than 500,000 acres of loughs. With this in mind, Ireland offers the essence of trout fishing, offering the thrill of angling for wild trout in natural waters.

Every year, trout exceeding 10 lbs are caught, with occasional catches weighing up to 20 lbs. Trout angling allows for a wide range of methods, including bait, spinning, and fly fishing, enhancing the fishing holidays in Ireland.

Pike Fishing Extravaganza

Historically known for its salmon and trout fishing, Ireland has developed an excellent reputation for the quality of its pike fishing, making it a prime destination for Ireland carp fishing. There is no statutory close season for pike in Ireland, and pike fishing is possible all year round.

Irish pike grow quickly and can reach up to 20 Kg, making Ireland’s lakes, rivers, and canals a haven for novice and experienced pike anglers alike. The sporting qualities and fierce nature of the wild Irish pike are just some of the reasons this fish species is so sought after by sport anglers.

Bream: A Common Delight

Bream are a popular fish in Ireland, ranging from relatively small canal fish to Shannon shoal fish, sometimes averaging over 5 lbs each. Some groups of specimens in limestone loughs sometimes exceed 10 lbs.

Some of the best bream waters in Ireland include the River Erne, River Shannon, Loughs Derg & Ree, Shannon Erne waterway, Inniscarra Lake in Co. Cork, and the Grand Canal at Enfield, Co. Meath.

Licences and Permits

In general, a licence is not required to fish for trout in the Republic of Ireland – except in the Loughs Agency waters in counties Donegal and Louth and Northern Ireland. A fishing permit issued by the owner or the lessee gives the license holder the right to fish for set periods ranging from a day to a season. The best waters generally cost between €10 and €20 a day.


With its diverse landscapes and abundant waters, Ireland offers many fishing opportunities for all types of anglers. This guide aims to help you navigate the wonderful world of fishing in Ireland, showcasing the country’s richness in fish species, the quality of angling locations, and its welcoming climate for the sport.

We hope our guide aids your planning and ensures a delightful and rewarding fishing holiday in Ireland. May your angling dreams turn into reality in the magnificent waters of Ireland!