Cavetown Lough


Co. Roscommon, Ireland

Fishery Information

Cavetown Lough, also known as Cavetown Lake, is a freshwater lake located in the west of Ireland, specifically in County Roscommon in the upper River Shannon’s catchment. The lake measures approximately 1.5 km (0.9 mi) long and 0.5 km (0.3 mi) wide, located about 8 km (5 mi) south of Boyle and 9 km (6 mi) west of Carrick-on-Shannon. This lake is a popular destination for anglers, known for its stocks of perch, roach, pike, bream, and the critically endangered European eel. The lake was also a trout fishing destination in the past. The local angling club usually stocks this lake with wild Brown trout. The Cavetown is heavily fished during the season of the mayfly hatches.

What size do the fish go to?

While specific sizes of fish are not mentioned in the provided information, Cavetown Lough houses a variety of fish species. These include perch, roach, pike, bream, and the critically endangered European eel. The lake was previously also a trout fishing destination, indicating the potential for sizable trout catches.

What tactics work well?

Given the diverse range of fish species found in Cavetown Lough, a variety of tactics would likely prove successful. The lake is heavily fished during the season of mayfly hatches, indicating that fly fishing could be an effective tactic during this period, especially for trout. Other methods suitable for the species present in the lake, such as angling for perch, roach, pike, and bream, would also be applicable. Further information regarding specific tactics for each species can be obtained from local anglers or angling clubs.

What facilities are on site?

Cavetown Lough offers several facilities for its visitors. One of the notable facilities is the Cavetown Lake Disabled Access Fishing Pier, providing an inclusive fishing experience for all. Additionally, a road along the south shore of the lake provides good access to the water. There’s also a picnic area beside the lake, offering a spot for relaxation and enjoyment of the natural surroundings.

Is parking available?

WCavetown Lough’s location on the N61 route and the presence of facilities such as a fishing pier and a picnic area suggest the availability of parking. For precise parking details, it is recommended to contact local authorities or visit the location.

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