Fishing in Essex

The beautiful county of Essex is a prime choice for anglers. With a wide variety of glorious estate lakes, carp, and pike fishing opportunities, fly fishing and sea fishing spots, Essex has plenty to offer experienced and novice anglers. With good road networks and easy access from London and surrounding areas, Essex is popular with local fishermen and those far away. Let’s look at some of the fishing lakes in Essex.

Coarse Fishing Lakes in Essex

Essex is home to various heavily stocked and well-maintained coarse fisheries that cater to anglers of all skill levels, perfect for pleasure fishing. Here are a few general coarse fisheries in Essex worth checking out:

Colemans Cottage Fishery

Located near Witham, Colemans Cottage Fishery is a popular destination for coarse anglers. The fishery consists of several lakes with various species, including common and mirror carp, bream, tench, roach, crucian carp and perch. The lakes offer a diverse and enjoyable angling experience with various features and depths.

Tylers Common Fishery

In Brentwood, Tylers Common Fishery features multiple lakes catering to various angling styles. The lakes are stocked with common and mirror carp, bream, tench, roach, rudd, and perch, providing ample opportunities for coarse fishing enthusiasts.

Arrans Fishery

Located near Chelmsford, Arrans Fishery comprises several lakes catering to match and pleasure anglers. These essex fishing lakes are stocked with species, including carp, bream, tench, roach, rudd, and perch. The fishery offers a relaxing environment for a day of coarse fishing.

Rook Hall Fishery

Managed by Maldon Angling Society, Rook Hall Fishery is set in picturesque surroundings near Maldon. The fishery features three lakes stocked with coarse fish species: carp, bream, tench, roach, and rudd. It offers a peaceful and enjoyable angling experience for members of the angling society.

Southminster Lakes

Situated near Southminster, this fishery offers a range of coarse fishing opportunities across its two lakes. Stocked with carp, bream, tench, roach, and perch species, Southminster Fishing Lakes provide a serene setting for a day of angling.

Carp Fishing Lakes in Essex

Essex boasts a variety of carp fishing lakes with specimen carp, allowing anglers to target impressive fish with good average sized carp. In addition to the A12 Lakes and Crow Green Fishery, here are a few Essex carp lakes to consider:

Fryerning Fisheries

Located near Ingatestone, Fryerning Fisheries in Essex is known for its specimen carp fishing. The Main Lake, also known as the XL Carp Lake, is home to numerous large carp, with several weighing over 40 lbs. If you are after day ticket fishing lakes in Essex and big carp, then this is the venue for you. It is an ideal destination for anglers seeking big carp in Essex.

Layer Pits Fishery

Situated near Colchester, Layer Pits Fishery consists of several lakes stocked with fish, including specimen common and mirror carp. The Big Lake is particularly popular among carp anglers, with the lake record being over 40 lbs. Day tickets are available, making this an excellent choice for carp fishing in Essex.

Chigborough Fisheries

Located near Maldon, Chigborough Fisheries in Essex, is a well-managed carp fishery featuring several lakes with specimen carp. The Main Lake, known as Carthagena, holds numerous large carp weighing over 40 lbs. Day tickets can be purchased, allowing anglers to target big carp in a picturesque setting. They have some of the best carp lakes in Essex at this venue.

Little Easton Manor Fisheries

Near Dunmow, Little Easton Manor Fisheries consists of multiple lakes heavily stocked with a range of fish species, including specimen carp. The Carp Lake is known for its impressive carp population, with the size of fish going up to the 30 lb-plus range. This is a great Day ticket water for anglers looking to enjoy a day of carp fishing in Essex.

A12 Lakes

Conveniently located close to Chelmsford, A12 Lakes is a 3-lake carp fishery complex offering an impressive selection of specimen carp for anglers to target. Home to 16 carp between 30lb and 40lb and hundreds in the 20 lb-plus bracket, this fishery provides ample opportunities for carp enthusiasts and is one of the best Essex carp lakes. Day tickets are available, making A12 Lakes a specialist carp water for those looking to catch some remarkable carp in Essex.

We hope you enjoyed the overview of what, in our opinion, are the best carp lakes in Essex.

Night Fishing Lakes in Essex

The abundance of fishing lakes in Essex also includes a variety of excellent night fishing lakes. Those recommended Essex fishing lakes include Newland Hall Fishery, close to Chelmsford, which operates on a first-come, first-served basis and holds a good head of carp up to 30lb in its four lakes in a picturesque country park.

Also popular for night fishing are Rayne Lodge Fishery, with three lakes and some good-sized carp plus bream, tench, and other coarse fish, and North Benfleet Hall where the lakes are home to many carp up to 30lb and day and night tickets are available.

Fly Fishing

While Essex is primarily known for its coarse fishing, there are still opportunities for fly fishing enthusiasts to enjoy their sport. Here are a few fly fishing locations in Essex:

Hanningfield Reservoir

Located near Chelmsford, Hanningfield Reservoir is a popular fly fishing destination in the Essex countryside for trout anglers. Managed by Essex & Suffolk Water, the reservoir is heavily stocked with rainbow and brown trout, providing excellent sport for fly fishermen. Boats and bank fishing are available, along with a well-stocked tackle shop and café for your convenience.

Avington Trout Fishery

Situated near Colchester, Avington Trout Fishery comprises two lakes stocked with rainbow and brown trout. The fishery offers a picturesque and peaceful setting for fly fishing enthusiasts, with catch and release and catch and keep options available.

Lenwade Fly Fishery

Although it’s located just outside of Essex in Norfolk, Lenwade Fly Fishery is a beautiful fly fishing venue within reasonable driving distance for Essex residents. The fishery is set in a tranquil woodland setting and offers a mix of stocked rainbow and brown trout.

Epping Forest Angling Club

This club manages a stretch of the River Roding, which flows through parts of Essex. While the river is primarily known for coarse fishing, there are opportunities for fly fishing, particularly for wild brown trout. Membership with the club is required to access their waters.

Is There Free Fishing in Essex?

Trying to find free fishing lakes in Essex is a bit easier compared to some other counties. While most Essex fisheries require a day or night ticket or membership, some free sites are popular. It should be remembered that it is necessary by law to have a permit to fish anywhere in the UK, which can be purchased from the Post Office. Free fishing lakes include The Doctor’s Pond at Dunmow, Epping Forest Ponds, and various river locations within the county. We recommend this excellent blog by Stephen Davis for detailed information on free fishing sites in Essex.

Pike Fishing

Essex is among the best counties in the UK for pike fishing, with many excellent lakes holding good-sized fish. The largest ever recorded in the county weighed in at more than 50lb. Renowned pike fisheries include Wick Mere Lake, a picturesque setting aimed at the pike angler, and Warren Fishery, where the four lakes are known to hold a good head of sizeable pike and offer an excellent challenge.

Fishing Clubs in Essex

Becmain Angling Society48 Coote Road Dagenham Essex RM8 3EA UKWebsiteFB
Billericay and District Angling ClubP.O.BOX 2046 Wickford Essex SS12 9YW UKWebsite
Chelmsford Angling AssociationPO Box 11208 Chelmsford Essex CM1 9TX UKWebsiteFB
Colchester Angling Preservation Society LimitedColchester Essex UKWebsiteFB
Doe’s Angling Club1 Rubicon Avenue Wickford Essex SS11 8LL UKWebsite
Kelvedon Angling AssociationKelvedon Essex UKWebsiteFB
Hollow Angling SocietyWaltham Abbey Essex UK
Maldon Angling Society60 Maldon Road Great Totham Essex CM9 8NL UKWebsiteFB
Parks Angling Club5, Westminster Drive Westcliff on Sea Essex SS0 9SJ UKFB
River Pant, ShalfordPO BOX 2046 Wickford Billericay Essex SS12 9YW UKWebsiteFB
Saffron Walden Angling ClubPO BOX 2046 Wickford Billericay Essex SS12 9YW UKWebsiteFB
Willowmere & Chaswater Angling Club16 Bruce Road Writtle Chelmsford Essex CM1 3EE UKFB
Hockley Angling ClubMcCalmont Drive, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 9TZWebsiteFB

Essex is home to numerous fishing clubs that cater to anglers of all skill levels and preferences. These clubs often manage their Essex fishing lakes, host competitions, and have a sense of community among their members. Some clubs offer day ticket fishing lakes in Essex as well as just memberships. Here are a few notable fishing clubs in Essex:

Billericay and District Angling Club (BDAC)

Established in 1957, BDAC manages a range of waters, including lakes, gravel pits, and stretches of the River Chelmer. The club caters to coarse and carp anglers and provides a friendly atmosphere for members. They have some of the best fishing in Essex.

Chelmsford Angling Association (CAA)

With over 14 miles of river fishing and numerous lakes, CAA offers its members a diverse range of angling opportunities, including pleasure fishing and carp fishing. The club caters to coarse, carp, and predator anglers, providing access to well-maintained and picturesque fishing spots.

Colchester Angling Preservation Society (CAPS)

Founded in 1908, CAPS is one of the oldest angling clubs in Essex. The club manages a variety of waters, including lakes, rivers, and stretches of canal. CAPS offers something for every angler, from specimen carp and pike fishing to general coarse angling.

Maldon Angling Society (MAS)

Maldon Angling Society manages several lakes and river stretches in the Maldon area, catering to coarse, carp and predator anglers. The club is known for its friendly atmosphere and conservation and fishery management commitment and they offer great pleasure fishing.

Kelvedon District Angling Association (KDAA)

KDAA manages several lakes and river stretches around the Kelvedon area in the Essex countryside, offering coarse, carp, and predator fishing for its members. The club is committed to providing a high-quality angling experience for its members and promoting responsible fishing practices to offer its members the best fishing in Essex.

These are just a few examples of the many fishing clubs available in Essex. Joining a local fishing club can be a great way to gain access to well-managed waters, meet fellow anglers, and participate in competitions and events.