Valence Moat


Becontree Ave, Dagenham RM8 3HT, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Previously known as the Dagenham Lake when it was owned by Becontree Council, Valence Moat is now under the purview of the Becmain Angling Society. The lake was once only open to members, but Valence Moat is now open to all anglers. It has been greatly used as a breeding pond, making it a proverbial wonderland for fishing aficionados.

Found in a populated area and suitable for anglers of all skill levels, including youngsters on their way to a first catch, Valence Moat is open from dawn to dusk. Day tickets are available from the bailiff.

What size do the fish go to?

Fish in Valence Moat consist of carp up to 14 pounds, tench up to four pounds, and roach and rudd in the neighbourhood of one pound and eight ounces. The swims also hold crucian carp, eels, and gudgeon.

What tactics work well?

Sweetcorn and breads are great for catching the carp that many find abundant in Valence Moat, but some anglers swear by lobworms to land the bigger fish.

What facilities are on site?

Facilities at Valence Moat are typical of a pond of this size. There is a bailiff that sells day tickets onsite.

You can reach Valence Moat by bus from Green Lane and Wood Lane. The entrance is on Becontree Avenue, adjacent to the library.

Is parking available?

There is parking available in the vicinity of Valence Moat and the surrounding neighbourhood has ample spaces.

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