Lofts Lake


Lofts Farm, Gt Totham, Essex CM9 8NZ, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Lofts Lake is a large gravel pit nestled in the scenic countryside near Maldon in Essex. It has a total land area of around 25 acres, bordered by a nature preserve on all four sides. The bulk of the lake is dominated by a big island filled with stumps, drooping trees, and other features.

Lofts Lake is also one of the top carp fishing syndicates in Essex. The Essex carp syndicate has everything for the serious carp angler, including fish up to 30 pounds and a lake with nearly every conceivable attribute..

There are a variety of terrain features ranging from gravel bars, weed beds to islands, steep cliffs, deep bays and plateaus. Only members can fish in the lake.

What size do the fish go to?


What tactics work well?

Fishing rod/line

Fishing net

What facilities are on site?

Toilet facilities

Takeaway delivery to the gate

Bait deals

Carp care equipment discounts

Is parking available?

Yes parking is available

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