Fishing Shops In The UK (A Complete List)

Suppose you’re searching for the nearest fishing tackle shop or contemplating, “Which is the best fishing shop near me?”; look no further. We’ve got options aplenty available to you. Local fishing tackle shops may be closer than you think, many specialising in a comprehensive array of fishing supplies. In addition, a host of general sporting goods retailers often have a wide selection of fishing-related products to browse.

Even if you’re seeking the convenience of online shopping, an array of retailers offer diverse types of fishing gear and accessories. Simply put, your search for “fishing tackle shops near me” ends here.

Remember to remember that comparing prices between different stores is key in catching the best deals on the items you need. So take some time, browse, and explore.

For your convenience, below is a map showcasing all the UK fishing tackle shops. But we’ve gone a step further: you’ll find a detailed list of every county showing tackle shops in the area. Your local fishing tackle shops are just a click away!


If you’re looking to buy some fishing tackle, you’re lucky. This page lists all the fishing tackle shops in England, separated by county. So no matter where you are in the country, you’ll be able to find a shop that sells what you need.

Find Fishing Shops Near Me by County


If you’re looking to buy fishing tackle in Scotland, you’ll find all the best shops listed here, by county. We’ve got everything you need, from rods and reels to bait and lures, so you can get out there and start catching those fish!


If you’re looking to buy fishing tackle in Wales, you’re lucky. This page lists all the fishing tackle shops in Wales, separated by counties. You can find addresses, contact information, and opening hours for each shop on this page. Many of these shops cater more for sea fishing and river fishing.

When Can I Find a Fishing Tackle Shop Near Me Open?
The vast majority of fishing tackle shops are open from Monday to Saturday. However, some smaller, local fishing tackle shops might close on weekends, and others may close for one day during the week. Larger stores, such as Angling Direct, are at your service seven days a week, ensuring your search for “fishing tackle shops open near me” is never in vain.

Can I Receive Expert Advice on Fishing Gear and Techniques at an Angling Shop Near Me?
Absolutely! Most angling shops near you in the UK have knowledgeable staff on hand. These experts can provide invaluable advice on gear, bait, and techniques to enhance your fishing experience. They’re eager to help you choose the right equipment tailored to your needs and offer tips to improve your angling skills.

Is it Possible to Find Tackle Shops Specialising in Carp Fishing?
Indeed, many tackle shops in the UK cater specifically to carp fishing enthusiasts. Your quest for “fishing supplies near me” will lead you to specialised stores offering an extensive selection of carp fishing gear, bait, and accessories. Furthermore, they provide expert advice from experienced staff members.

What Can I Expect to Find in a Typical Fishing Tackle Shop Near Me in the UK?
A typical UK fishing tackle shop will stock a diverse range of fishing gear, including rods, reels, lines, hooks, weights, and lures. Furthermore, you’ll discover a selection of bait, clothing, accessories, and other essentials for your fishing trips. Searching for “fishing tackle shop near me” could also reveal shops offering rod and reel repair services. So, whenever you’re in need, remember – your local fishing supplies are just around the corner!