Sturgeon Fishing Venues

Sturgeon fishing has recently gained significant popularity among anglers in the United Kingdom. These prehistoric fish are known for their impressive size and fierce fighting abilities, making them an ideal target for those seeking a challenging and thrilling fishing experience. This article will provide an overview of the best sturgeon fishing venues in the UK, general information about sturgeon fishing, and a selection of frequently asked questions.

Sturgeon Fishing in the UK

In the UK, sturgeon fishing typically occurs at well-stocked fishing lakes specially designed to cater to the needs of anglers targeting these magnificent fish. These venues offer a range of facilities, including on-site accommodation, tackle shops, and even tuition for novice sturgeon anglers. Some of the UK’s most popular sturgeon fishing lakes include Anglers Paradise in Devon, Carp Sturgeon Lakes in Essex, and Lymm Angling Club in Cheshire.

When it comes to sturgeon fishing, preparation and patience are key. As sturgeon are bottom feeders, using the right bait and tackle is essential to entice them. Popular baits for sturgeon fishing include boilies, pellets, and unconventional options like squid and mackerel. Additionally, anglers must ensure their fishing gear is up to the task, as sturgeon are known for their power and strength.

Sturgeon Fishing FAQs

  1. What are some sturgeon fishing tips?
  • Use heavy tackle to handle the weight and strength of the sturgeon.
  • Use a braided line for better sensitivity and abrasion resistance
  • Consider fishing during the early morning or evening hours when sturgeon are more active
  • Be patient, as sturgeon can take time to locate and catch
  1. Where can I find sturgeon fishing near me?
  • Check local fishing forums or social media groups for recommendations
  • Contact local angling clubs for information on sturgeon fishing venues
  • Visit the websites of the mentioned popular sturgeon fishing lakes in the UK
  1. What is the best bait for sturgeon fishing?
  • Boilies, pellets, and other high-protein baits are commonly used
  • Squid and mackerel can also be effective, especially for larger sturgeon
  1. Is sturgeon fishing allowed in the UK?

Sturgeon fishing is allowed in the UK at designated venues that have a proper license and stock sturgeon

  1. What is the average size of sturgeon in UK fishing lakes?

The size of sturgeon in UK lakes can vary, but most venues stock fish that range between 10-50 pounds, with some specimens reaching well over 100 pounds.

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