Fishing in Shropshire

The historic county of Shropshire, bordering Wales in the West Midlands, may be landlocked, yet that doesn’t stop there from being many fine fisheries and angling clubs. Easy to access from the motorway networks, Shropshire offers a varied and often beautiful landscape that provides some premium fishing destinations for coarse fishing, carp fishing and river fishing.

Recommended Fisheries

Monkhall Fisheries

Located close to Bridgenorth is Monkhall Fishery, a well-managed facility in a beautiful location with six fishing lakes, each with plentiful stock. Buzzard Pool is a young pool just a few years in existence and stocked with a good head of carp plus other coarse species to sizes around 12lbs. All pools are small and intimate and day tickets are available. Facilities include a café and toilet, plus self-catering accommodation and caravan spaces are available on the site.

Spring Heath Fishery

With log cabins available for rent and motorhome and caravan facilities provided, Spring Heath Fishery is an ideal choice for a fishing holiday. It offers access to two lakes stocked with quality fish. Ecclestone Pool sits at the edge of woodland in a wonderfully tranquil location and features four islands.

This 2-acre pond holds a good head of carp up to 15lbs as well as good-sized tench, perch, and more coarse fish. This pool is perfect for young and novice anglers, and children are encouraged to join parents at the pegs. Blurton Pool is a similar size for the experienced angler, with carp up to 30lbs plus tench and perch of impressive sizes. Day ticket fishing is available on both pools.

Hurst Farm Lakes

Set in a suitably beautiful location are the four lakes at Hurst Farm Lakes, not far from Bridgnorth. Providing opportunities for coarse and fly fishing, the lakes are some 400 years old and are home to good-sized perch, carp, tench and – in the trout lake – both brown and rainbow. Accommodation is available in the shape of beautifully kept holiday cottages on site.

Carp Fishing in Shropshire

Brock Carp Fishery

The popular pastime of carp fishing is carried out at a variety of often tranquil and idyllic Shropshire fisheries. The Brock Carp Fishery offers exclusive access for only five anglers and is among the most beautiful of all such facilities in the county. The Brock is an old estate lake that has been recently renovated and stocked and currently is home to carp up to 20 lbs. The Lake can be booked for 24-hour or longer stays and is undoubtedly worth a visit.

Merrington Carp Fishery

Merrington Carp Fishery offers three good lakes in a lovely setting close to Shrewsbury, with 24-hour tickets available. Main Lake is for the experienced angler, and the lake record is a 43lb 8oz Mirror Carp. There are known to be 47 carp over 30 lbs in the water, and a total of 275 fish make this an exciting lake to tackle. The smaller Hayes Lake is recently opened and appeals to the leisure angler and those new to the sport.

Stone Arch Fishery

Located in the very heart of Shropshire in gloriously untouched surroundings, the two lakes at Stone Arch Fishery date from the 1700s and have recently been restored and restocked. There are stories of existing 40lbs-plus carp in the waters, and as the lakes were only opened to members a few years ago and had not been fished since the 1960s, precisely what is hiding in there is not known! However, there are some double-figure tench and perch, and the carp stock added is now in the 20-lb region. This is a member-only fishery and will appeal to the experienced angler.

Pike Fishing in Shropshire

There are a few fisheries where one can take on the challenge of landing the mighty pike. One is Shrewsbury Town Fishery which oversees seven waters in and around the Shrewsbury region, including stretches of river and dedicated lakes. The water of choice for pike is Sydney Avenue, the main river stretch the fishery handles, where good-sized pike can be caught alongside large barbel – with rumours of monster fish here – plus chub and salmon.

Fly Fishing in Shropshire

Shropshire offers some fine opportunities for fly fishing enthusiasts, with its many rivers and lakes offering exciting challenges.

Moonrise Lodges

Moonrise Lodges, where you can book a beautifully equipped lodge that sleeps up to four in genuinely glorious locations, offers fly fishing on Beech Lake exclusively for residents for a small daily fee. The lake is suitable for beginners and experienced anglers, and with 2lb wild brown and slightly smaller rainbow trout in the water, a price can be negotiated if you want to keep your catch for supper!

Onny Vale Fishery

Also worthy of a visit is Onny Vale Fishery, a mixed coarse and fly-fishing facility with disabled access and three well-stocked trout pools. With brown, blue, and rainbow in the lakes ranging from 2lbs to a mighty 18lbs, there is a lodge with toilet facilities and a caravan site with full hookups, which is adults only and must be booked in advance.

River Fishing

River Fishing in Shropshire

Shropshire, a county in western England, offers excellent river fishing opportunities, particularly in the River Tern and River Severn. These picturesque waterways provide a serene environment for anglers to target various fish species and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

River Tern

The River Tern, a tributary of the River Severn, meanders through the Shropshire countryside and offers excellent fly fishing opportunities. Home to wild brown trout, this charming river attracts anglers seeking a traditional fly-fishing experience. The River Tern is also known for its grayling population, which can provide an exciting challenge for anglers using lighter tackle.

River Severn

The River Severn, the longest river in the UK, flows through Shropshire and offers a diverse range of fishing opportunities. Anglers can target hard fighting rainbow trout, as well as other species such as barbel, chub, pike, and roach. The River Severn boasts numerous accessible fishing spots along its banks, making it an ideal destination for anglers of all skill levels.

Fishing Clubs

Hodnet Angling Club110 Farcroft Drive Market Drayton Shropshire UKWebsite
Shropshire Anglers FederationPO Box 4748 Shrewsbury Shropshire SY1 9GG UKWebsite
Kinver Freeliners Angling Club18 Birchlands Bridgnorth Shropshire WV15 5ED UKWebsite
Shrewsbury Town FisheriesShrewsbury Town Council, SY1 2ASWebsite

Shrewsbury Anglers Club is a young but thriving club that offers access to many of the finest fishing waters in the county. These include the most impressive stretches of the mighty River Severn – where large barbel, chub, pike, and others are regularly landed – plus a host of lakes and ponds that sit in often glorious locations in and around the Severn Valley.

Close to the pretty town of Market Drayton is Hodnet Angling Club, an established club founded in 1972 and boasting around 250 members. With a wide choice of waters, including stretches of the Shropshire Union Canal and the River Tern, the club is regarded as the premier angling club in the north of Shropshire. It is known for its dedication to providing for disabled anglers.

Wem Angling Club owns several waters in and around the charming town of the same name and caters for all levels of skill and ages and all types of inland fishing. The club also regularly rents time on other waters and is known for various fishing locations that should please everyone from the newest recruit to experienced specimen hunters. The club is members only and new members are encouraged to join.