Mousecroft Pool


Shrewsbury SY5 8NJ, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

This fishery is run by Shrewsbury Town Fisheries.

Mousecroft Pool is a delightful woodland fishery situated south of Shrewsbury. Surrounded by mixed deciduous trees on three sides, this fishery offers a peaceful and quiet setting for anglers. The fishery provides secure off-road parking and good fishing opportunities. Access to the pool from the car park is a short walk along a safe and level path. Fishing is available from dawn till dusk, and there is no close season on this pool. Night fishing is prohibited.

What size do the fish go to?

Mousecroft Pool is a good mixed fishery with Carp featuring prominently. Anglers regularly catch specimens in the high teens. The pool also holds a variety of other fish species, including Bream, Rudd, and Tench. The size of the fish can vary, providing anglers with the opportunity to target different sizes and species.

What tactics work well?

Various tactics can be effective at Mousecroft Pool. For Carp, anglers often find success using carp-specific tactics such as boilies, pellets, or method feeder setups. Bream, Rudd, and Tench can be targeted using traditional float fishing techniques with baits like maggots, worms, or corn. It’s advisable to adapt tactics based on the target species and conditions.

What facilities are on site?

Mousecroft Pool offers secure off-road parking for anglers. The fishery provides a safe and level path for easy access from the car park to the fishing area. The perimeter path around the fishery is well-maintained and offers clean, level pegs at regular intervals, accommodating multiple anglers. Anglers can enjoy a safe and comfortable fishing experience in this well-equipped fishery.

Is parking available?

Yes, Mousecroft Pool provides secure off-road parking for anglers, ensuring convenient access to the fishery.

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