Fishing and Fisheries in Reading

Fishing is a popular hobby and sport in the Reading area. Many lakes, ponds, and rivers in the area offer plenty of places to fish. Below are all the fisheries in Reading, and then we have also written a guide for you to check out below!

Our Guide To Fishing In Reading

Sonning Eye Pit is a fishing spot in the Reading area. It is known for its large carp population and is a popular destination for anglers. The pit is about 4 acres in size and is situated on the banks of the River Thames. Rumours are that carp have been caught to 49lb, but that has never been officially confirmed.

If big carp fishing is your thing then check out Farnham Flint Lake. The fish in this lake grow to be large because it is a specimen lake, with there being a good stock of carp weighing 20lbs, 30lbs, and even 40lbs.

Fishing Clubs in Reading

There are loads of great clubs in Reading that you could join. One we would recommend is the Reading and District Angling Association. They have probably the most extensive selections of lakes, rivers and canals in the area. The Kennet and Avon canal is one of our favourites as it’s definitely one of the best canals to fish in the country.

If fishing matches what you are interested in then check out Reading Fishing Club. This club just holds matches across multiple venues and is one you should definitely check out.

Final Thoughts

That is some of the best fishing locations in Reading and can offer you plenty of opportunities to catch that big one or just to get out and enjoy being outside away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.