Dudmaston Hall


Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV15 6QN, United Kingdom

Dudmaston Hall Fishery

Nestled in the picturesque Shropshire countryside, Dudmaston Hall Fishing is home to three unique lakes that cater to diverse angling interests. The lakes, namely, Dudmaston Big Pool, Brim Pool, and Seggy Pool, offer rewarding experiences whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner.

Dudmaston Big Pool

Dudmaston Big Pool is the flagship water of the Kinver Freeliners. This 16-acre English estate lake, located in the beautiful grounds of Dudmaston Hall, has been famed for its abundant tench population. The lake offers varied depth from a few feet in the shallows to twenty feet by the dam. Large perch, roach, and rudd populations are also present, providing continuous sport for those fishing at Dudmaston Hall.

Brim Pool

Situated next to the A442, Brim Pool offers a different kind of angling challenge. This 4-acre tree-lined lake is known for its weed-covered surface during some years. However, the Brim Pool fishing experience is rewarding due to its home to beautiful carp, possibly of the Donald Leney strain, and larger tench compared to those in Dudmaston Big Pool. Patience and robust tackle are the keys to success here.

Seggy Pool

As the smallest pool on the Dudmaston estate, Seggy Pool spans just 3¾ acres. Yet, don’t underestimate the Seggy Pool fishing experience. This shallow, silty pool houses an impressive population of carp, small tench, and rudd, promising a fun and relaxing fishing experience.

Dudmaston Fishery Information

Carp at Dudmaston Hall Fishery can reach over 30lbs, with regular catches of double-figure weights. The tench, bream, and roach usually weigh between 3 and 8lbs. Luncheon meat, worms, and maggots are popular bait choices for the fish in Dudmaston Fishery, with pellets being particularly effective during the summer months.

Facilities at Dudmaston Hall Fishery

Anglers at Dudmaston Hall are provided with clean, accessible toilet facilities for their convenience. Safe and secure on-site parking spaces are also available, making your fishing experience at Dudmaston Hall hassle-free and enjoyable.

Experience the diversity and challenges offered by Dudmaston Hall Fishery. With Dudmaston Big Pool, Brim Pool, and Seggy Pool, each fishing adventure is sure to be a memorable one.

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