Nazeing Meads


Meadgate Road, Waltham Abbey, EN9 2, Essex, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Nazeing Meads is made up of of three big settlement lagoons from the Lee Flood relief system. This amounts to about 125 acres, including Brackens Pool. The small gravel pit is enclosed and measures two and a half acres. These lagoons, along with the Brackens Pool, have underwater features.

Be prepared when visiting Nazeing Meads because sailing clubs use the two lagoons.

The lagoons are known for containing specimen carp, specimen bream, large tench, chub, pike, and eels. Brackens Pool is stocked with carp.

What size do the fish go to?

The fish in Nazeing Meads are sizeable, with carp in the lagoons turning up at over 46 pounds. The bream is over 17 pounds, while pike range in the double-digits.

Fish in Brackens Pool include carp in a wide range, from the low double-digits to as substantial as 38 pounds. Many of the fish are over 20 pounds.

What tactics work well?

Find carp in hotspots like weed bed holes, bars, gullies, and plateaus. Because the main lagoons are essentially gravel pits, finding the right spot to fish takes a little experimentation. Rigs with boilies over pellets are popular, but some anglers throw in a little chum mixer when the weather turns warm.

There is a two rod per angler limit at the Brackens Pool, while the lagoons at Nazeing Meads have a three-rod maximum. There are overhead power lines in the region, so anglers should pay attention.

What facilities are on site?

You can purchase fishing permits on location.

Is parking available?

Parking is available on location at Nazeing Meads. Access to the lagoons is through Meadgate Road in Nazeing, Essex.

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