Banjo Lake


Swift Close, Waltham Abbey, SG12 8, Essex, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Banjo Lake is noted as part of Stanstead Innings in the Lee Valley Regional Park, one of the numerous fisheries in the portfolio.

Stanstead is comprised of three gravel pits, including Banjo Lake, Abbotts Lake, and the Stock Pit.

Banjo Lake is just over five acres in size and one of Lee Valley’s newer fisheries. The lake was restocked in 2006, with the addition of 200 mirror carp.

There are lots of features, including lily pads, plateaus, and gravel bars.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp range up to 28 pounds in Banjo Lake.

The 2006 mirror carp span from two and five pounds, but one imagines considerable growth has taken place in the past years. There’s no real telling how large some of these specimens are.

What tactics work well?

Fish have been fed on pellet since the stocking in 2006. Good boilie fishing with pellets has done the trick as well.

It’s best not to fish too close to the reed beds.

Three rods are permitted at Banjo Lake.

Casting may not be done to the out of bounds areas near the shallows.

Do not fish from the bund or the nature reserve under any circumstances.

Is parking available?

There are three designated parking lots around the entire Stanstead Innings complex, one of which is dedicated to anglers at Banjo Lake. Parking area access is via a key provided to permit holders.

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