New Hall Reservoir


Barons Lane, Purleigh, CM3 6, Essex, United Kingdom


Fishery Information

One of the most notable features of this smaller stillwater lake is its colour, which maintains its beauty even in the winter months. Located off Barons Lane, the New Hall Reservoir is managed by the Maldon Angling Society and is a private fishery for members only.

New Hall Reservoir commonly features roach, skimmer break, rudd, and the odd tench. There have been some rather surprising reports of big eels in the water, which have made some anglers do a double take.

What size do the fish go to?

Fish in New Hall Reservoir range from 20 pound bags of roach to significant sizes of skimmer bream.

Maldon Angling Society routinely stocks a wide range of fish, so be mindful that different varieties – like crucian carp – have been stocked in the past and may reappear as things change

What facilities are on site?

Facilities are limited because this is a private fishery. Safe access to the bank was reportedly a concern prior to Maldon Angling Society’s intervention. Security around the neighbouring Purleigh vineyard was also an issue, according to ownership notes. Those concerns may have been alleviated thanks to a renewed approach to maintenance and the fishing spot’s transformation into a private area.

Is parking available?

Access to New Hall Reservoir is relatively clear if you are using the access track, but some members report difficulty beyond the water works entrance due to a muddy parking lot. Take care when parking to avoid getting stuck.

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