Priors Carp Fisheries


Berwick Ponds Farm, Berwick Pond Road, Essex RM13 9EJ

Fishery Information

Priors Carp Fisheries has three amazing carp lakes on its venue in Essex. The Dell and Berwick Pond are both syndicate waters. There are about 60 spots on each syndicate, and both lakes sell out very quickly. Berwick is the largest lake on site at over 12 acres in size.

All three of the lakes at Priors Carp Fisheries have carp in them that anyone would be proud to catch. However, the two syndicate lakes are where the largest carp hang out. The three lakes have been expertly cared for and managed in recent years, though. With improvements to the pegs and the lakes, it is quickly becoming one of the best carp venues in the UK.

What size do the fish go to?

There are carp at Priors Carp Fisheries up to 45lbs. There are also Wels Catfish to 60lbs. Berwick Ponds have carp to 34lbs, and The Slips have carp to 25lbs. Whichever lake you fish at Priors Carp Fisheries, though, there are more 20s than you can shake a stick at, so there is a good possibility of catching loads of big carp in a single session here.

What tactics work well?

The Dell is a very classic carp water that responds well to most carp tactics. Berwick Ponds is a very narrow water where the carp like to move around a lot. This lake takes patience, and you really need to learn the movements of the carp well to catch here.

What facilities are on site?

There are toilets and shower facilities at Priors Carp Fisheries, along with much more.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is widely available for all lakes.

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