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Wharf Road, Stanford le Hope, SS17 0EQ, Essex, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

The Wharf Pool Fishery is located off Wharf Road and is basically comprised of two spots: a carp syndicate and a specimen lake.

Wharf Pool is the carp syndicate. This location is about six acres of gravel pit, with depths of five to 11 feet. There are three small islands on this lake, plus a selection of weed beds, gravel bars, and reeds. The ownership group has taken to considerable maintenance at Wharf Pool, once replacing the entire stock of fish. Recent reports suggest things are going along swimmingly.

Pads Lake is the mixed specimen spot. A mature gravel pit of about five acres, Pads Lake has depths from three to nine feet. Anglers love fishing up against the reeds, plus there are plenty of secluded bays exclusively designed for stalking. Pads Lake is a membership only spot. Carp, pike, tench, bream, roach, and rudd were all stocked in this lake, plus a complement of eels and perch can be found.

The Wharf Pool Fishery underwent several changes in the winter of 2009, including a substantial upgrade in water conditions and the implementation of a weed management plan.

At this point, membership appears to be very selective.

What size do the fish go to?

The ownership has gone to great lengths to ensure fish of good size find their way into Pads Lake. Carp and pike now range over 20 pounds thanks to some adjustments, while tench can be found weighing over 10 pounds. Bream clocks in at over a dozen pounds. And there are reports of roach and rudd at about two and a half pounds.

The Wharf Pool has been noted for quality carp. Reports suggest a 37-pounder has been snagged, with a focus on big carp transforming this lake into a tremendous spot to fish.

What tactics work well?

Anglers at Wharf Pool Fishery must have suitable landing nets, unhooking mats, and weigh slings so as to ensure safe transport of fish. Fixed leads are forbidden and braided mainline is not allowed. Keepnets are not permitted at Wharf Pool Fishery under any circumstances, while leadcore and leaders of any kind are banned from the premises.

Boats are not permitted on the waters, with the exception of bailiffs performing their job duties.

Is parking available?

There are two car parks at Wharf Pool Fishery.

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