Keningtons Fishery Lake


Aveley, South Ockendon RM15 4PP, United Kingdom

Keningtons Fishery Lake Information

Established more than twenty years ago, the Kennington Park Angling Club has two lakes available in the well-known Kennington complex. Anglers that are members of this club have access to both lakes, while those that are not can pre-book a fishing session for the front lake.

In short, the complex is suited for both professional and casual anglers, as well as for disabled anglers. Special bays for the latter have been added to the front lake.

On the front lake, only day fishing is allowed. Moreover, only up to ten anglers are allowed on it at any given time. Keep in mind that night fishing is allowed only on the back lake which can be accessed by members.

When it comes to stock, the lakes are brimming with Carp, Bream, Tench, Rudd, Roach, Bream, and Perch. The front lake reportedly comes with some large Pike as well.

What size do the fish go to?

The largest catch was 29lbs.

All available species are of average size.

What tactics work well?

Carp and Pike are lured best with bread, corn, sweetcorn, and boilies. For increased chances of catching pike, you can also bring dead baits such as smelt and chubs.

For the other species, worms and Jiggly bait are often recommended.

What facilities are on site?

Basic club facilities might be on site.

Wooden/metal platforms near the swims/fishing spots.

Is parking available?

Club parking might be available for all anglers on site.

Roadside parking might be available, if possible/allowed.

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