Totham Pit


Hall Road, Great Totham, CM9 8, Essex, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Presented by the Maldon Angling Society, Totham Pit is a mature gravel pit turned into eight acres of wooded banks. There are upwards of 50 swims at Totham Pit, so it’s a good size spot for anglers.

The landscape is dotted with a combination of bays, shallows, and deep water. This makes for a versatile fishing experience because there are always new corners to explore. Snags, lilies, and reeds are set against the rural environs, creating a getaway that is as compelling as it is relaxing.

Fish are noted for being large in Totham Pit, which is obviously a good thing. Anglers report finding carp, breach, and tench in the lake for certain. Other species include perch, roach, rudd, pike, and a few eels. Some have even reported the sighting of a few “ancient” crucian in the area, truly a treat for resourceful anglers with a sense of history.

What size do the fish go to?

Totham Pit features nine-pound tench, 10-pound bream, and 30-pound carp, along with other varieties of sizeable fish. Some crucian have clocked in at about four pounds, a healthy catch for the experienced ones on the lake.

What tactics work well?

Location matters when fishing Totham Pit, as it does in many spots. Boilies are recommended by some anglers. The amount of silt patches and weed can make things a bit on the dicey side, but a resourceful (and positive) outlook should help yield good results.

There is some anecdotal evidence that the lake becomes more active at night.

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