Hanningfield Fishery


Giffords Lane, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 8HX, United Kingdom

Fishing at Hanningfield reservoir

Packed with 600 acres of fishable water just south of Chelmsford, Hanningfield Fishery is a big spot for an angling adventure.

Up until recently, Hanningfield Fishery was a fly-fishing only zone. Times have changed and adjustments were made, so now the place is an “any method” fishery with modest but firm restrictionsfishing at hanningfield reservoir

Hanningfield Reservoir Boat Hire

Daily fishing permits and boat hiring are available via the official Hanningfield Reservoir website. Each boat can carry a maximum of two occupants. Space is limited, so book ahead. Boaters must follow all rules and hold all necessary licenses.

What Fish are in here?

Catches from Hanningfield Fishery include pike, perch, carp, and even some brown trout. Return all caught fish to the water alive.

Perch have been caught up to 4lb, which you can read about here.

There isn’t much information about the size and figures of fish in Hanningfield Fishery, but there are plenty of opportunities for a good day out on the water.

What tactics work well?

Any method of fishing is open for business at Hanningfield Reservoir fishing, as long as regulations are followed. Ground bait is not permitted, and anglers may not troll from their boats.

When fishing Hanningfield reservoir, watercraft must be kept 100 metres from any shoreline at Hanningfield Fishery.

Bank and boat fishing is restricted to the northern end of the reservoir, an area marked by white buoys in the water.

What facilities are on site?

Hanningfield reservoir fishing has a cafe on site that opened in 2007.

There is also upwards of 200 acres of woodland surrounding the property, including some oak trees. This makes for a nice diversion when things quiet down on the water.

Is parking available when fishing at Hanningfield reservoir?

Parking is available when fishing Hanningfield reservoir.

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