Little London Reservoir


Wash Lane, Goldhanger, CM9 8, Essex, United Kingdom

Little London Reservoir Information

Noted for being on the smaller side of Bog Grove at about two acres, Little London Reservoir is overseen by the Maldon Angling Society and is perhaps most recognized as the target of extensive recent stocking over the last two seasons. That’s put hundreds of bream, perch, crucian, and roach in the water, leading to an attractive spot for anglers.

Open year round, Little London Reservoir is an ideal location for versatile fishing. Located in Goldhanger, it is open for night fishing if you have purchased a standard night permit.

Little London Reservoir is home to solid bags of silver fish, including the occasional tench and carp to mid doubles.

What size do the fish go to?

The well-stocked waters of Little London Reservoir yield some serious angling gold, from bream up to eight pounds and significant catches of silver fish.

What tactics work well?

Angling is the name of the game for Little London Reservoir and big bait produces big results. Landing bream takes a bit of skill, as the large ones can spot hooks in the bait and might require a bit of sweet-talking to bring in. Hiding the hook in the bait or using smaller hooks works wonders when it comes to maximizing your fishing enjoyment at this special spot.

What facilities are on site?

Little London Reservoir is open in Goldhanger from 5 am to 10 pm, although night permits offer more opportunities. Facilities are limited, as it typical of a bog of this sort, but stocking is abundant.

Is parking available?

Most major stillwater fisheries sponsored by the Maldon Angling Society have ample parking and access is relatively easy.

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