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Fairlop Waters Country Park, Forest Rd, Ilford IG6 3HN, United Kingdom

Fairlop Water Information

Secluded within Redbridge’s most extensive country park, Fairlop Water is an angler’s delight. Conveniently situated a short stroll from Fairlop and Barkingside stations on the Central Line, Fairlop Water is the ideal fishing escape in the heart of the city. With two diverse bodies of water – the Specimen Lake and the Sailing Lake, Fairlop Waters offers an array of fishing opportunities to angling enthusiasts of all levels.

Fairlop Waters Fishing: Diverse Water Bodies for Varied Angling Experiences

At Fairlop Waters, fishing is a treasured experience. The Specimen Fishing Lake, spread across 3.5 acres, is a peaceful oasis home to an impressive head of carp exceeding 30 lbs, tench, and bream up to 10 lbs. The lake has also been thoughtfully equipped with a dedicated angling platform, ensuring wheelchair access.

For those seeking a more expansive fishing experience, the 38-acre Sailing Lake at Fairlop Waters houses a diverse range of fish including carp over 30 lbs, 40 lb pikes, bream, perch, and roach. The Sailing Lake is open for night fishing, providing a unique and challenging angling environment.

Angling at Fairlop Waters: Tips and Tactics

Fishing at Fairlop Waters is as rewarding as it is diverse. The successful angler will find that strategic baiting and rigging are key. Favored baits include Cell and white pop-ups, while the Ronnie rig comes highly recommended for optimal results. With an average carp size of 25 lb and the largest catch recorded at a hefty 38 lb, the rewards are well worth the effort at Fairlop Waters.

Due to Fairlop’s nature as a large, windswept pit, mobility is critical. Constant vigilance for signs of fish activity and adjusting location accordingly can significantly improve your catch rate. The local fish population has shown a preference for warm, windy areas, making these prime fishing spots. Regular fishing spots around boats and buoys have been known to attract carp consistently.

For rigging, a combination of a Gemini Tidy boom with a white pop-up or a double corn combo has proven successful. In terms of bait, while specific baits such as Pallatrax Multiworm and Cell have been effective, the presentation is often more critical for a successful catch.

Fairlop Waters Parking and Facilities

At Fairlop Water, ample on-site facilities, including toilets, showers, disabled access, and Fairlop Waters parking, ensure a comfortable and convenient angling experience. Round-the-clock staff assistance is available for any needs you may have during your fishing trip.

Fairlop Water Angling Lake Rules

Fairlop Water Angling Lake is committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. A series of well-defined rules are in place, including the need for a valid Environment Agency (EA) Rod Licence, the mandatory use of back leads and unhooking mats, and restrictions on the number of rods used. A series of guidelines cover fishing times, the use of bivvies, and the interaction with boats on the water.

Respect for wildlife, littering rules, and rules concerning bonfires and alcohol consumption contribute to preserving the natural beauty of Fairlop Waters. Vehicles are allowed only in designated Fairlop Waters parking areas and must abide by gate access rules. Certain rules and requirements apply for senior citizens and junior tickets. Additionally, an adult must supervise children under 12 while fishing.

At Fairlop Water, the balance between exhilarating angling opportunities and a respectful, inclusive environment makes for an unforgettable fishing experience.

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