Lough Sillan


Co. Cavan, Ireland

Fishery Information

Lough Sillan (Irish: Loch Saileán) is a lough (lake) located near the town of Shercock in County Cavan, Ireland. The lake is used for fishing and water sports.

What size do the fish go to?

The lake has a diverse range of fish species, including hybrids, roach, bream, tench, perch, and pike.

What tactics work well?

Popular baits for fishing in Lough Sillan include red maggots, casters, corn, and worms. Groundbait is essential for success. Anglers employ various methods such as feeder fishing, straight bomb with groundbait, pole fishing, and using a waggler.

What facilities are on site?

The local tackle shop, Lakewood Lodge in Carrickmacross, can provide fishing supplies and information. Access to fishing areas is available at two main locations: the Shercock end of the lake to the left of the slipway and Annafarney at the opposite end of the lake. The Shercock area is more accessible, while Annafarney offers more consistent fishing but requires a walk of over 100 meters.

Is parking available?

There is a car park located 300 meters from Annafarney, off the Shercock to Cootehill road. Anglers can park there and walk along either bank of the lake. The left-hand bank is generally more popular.

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