Lough Melvin



Fishery Information

Lough Melvin is a lake in the northwest of the island of Ireland on the border between County Leitrim (in Ireland) and County Fermanagh (in the United Kingdom). It is internationally renowned for its unique range of plants and animals.

What size do the fish go to?

Lough Melvin offers a diverse range of fish species, including spring salmon, grilse, gillaroo trout, sonaghan trout, ferox trout, and char (Melvin charr or Gray’s charr). The salmon range in size, and there are good quality Roach together with some Bream, Perch, Pike, and Eel in the lake.

What tactics work well?

For salmon fishing, trolling is productive in the early season (February and March), while fly-fishing is favored from the later part of April until late June. Popular flies for salmon include the Shrimp fly (such as Curry’s Red, Faughan shrimp, Bann Special), Silver Doctor, Thunder and Lightning, Jock Scott, and yellow flies. Trout fishing methods include wet fly fishing with patterns like Doobry, Teal and Black, Coachman, Bibbio & Hot orange, Black Pennell, Connemara Black, Sooty Olive, Fiery Brown, Golden Olive, Green Peter, Goslings, green and yellow mayflies (dry & wet), and Daddy flies.

What facilities are on site?

Lough Melvin offers the opportunity to hire a ghillie or boatman, which is recommended for anglers unfamiliar with the lake. Accommodation and ghillies can be arranged through the Rossinver Fishery. Additionally, there are local tackle shops available for fishing supplies.

Is parking available?

Information about parking at Lough Melvin is not provided in the given text.

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