Lough Corrib



Fishery Information

Lough Corrib is a fantastic location for trout, salmon, pike, and perch fishing. Here’s some information to help you plan your fishing trip:

What size do the fish go to?

Lough Corrib is known for its wild brown trout, which are abundant in the lake. The average size of the trout is around 1 ¼ pounds, but larger fish up to 5 pounds are not uncommon. The current record for a wild brown trout caught on Lough Corrib is 24 pounds. Salmon also make a small run during June and July. Pike and perch fishing on the shores of Lough Corrib are highly regarded by fishermen internationally.

What tactics work well?

Various fishing methods can be employed on Lough Corrib, including trolling, dapping, wet fly fishing, dry fly fishing, and using buzzers. The choice of method depends on the fishing season, conditions, and target species. It is recommended to hire a ghillie or fishing guide who has expert knowledge of the lake and can provide advice on the best tactics, flies, baits, and techniques based on the specific conditions.

What facilities are on site?

If you’re not familiar with the lake, it’s recommended to hire a ghillie or fishing guide who usually has their own boat, motor, and fishing equipment. Currarevagh House also offers boat hire services with traditionally built clinker boats available for guests to use. Additionally, there is an excellent tackle shop called Tucks in Oughterard where you can find necessary fishing gear. It’s also worth bringing your own favorite fly rod if you’re accustomed to its action.

Is parking available?

It’s recommended to check with the specific fishing locations or accommodations you plan to visit on Lough Corrib to inquire about parking facilities and arrangements.

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