Lough Caragh


Co. Kerry, Ireland

Fishery Information

Lough Caragh is located at the mouth of the beautiful Glencar Valley in County Kerry. It is a picturesque spot for fishing and recreational boat trips. The lake is noted for its spring salmon fishing and grilse fishing, and to a lesser extent, as a brown trout and sea trout fishery. The surrounding landscape of the McGillicuddy Reeks adds to the scenic beauty of the location.

What size do the fish go to?

Specific size information about the fish in Lough Caragh is not provided in the given text.

What tactics work well?

The tactics that work well in Lough Caragh vary depending on the targeted fish species. For spring salmon and grilse fishing, it is recommended to use appropriate salmon fishing techniques and tackle. For brown trout and sea trout fishing, traditional trout fishing tactics such as fly fishing with suitable patterns can be effective. It is advisable to consult local anglers or fisheries managers for specific tactics and recommendations.

What facilities are on site?

Facilities at Lough Caragh include boat hire, with boats readily available for hire on the lake. Additionally, there may be the option to hire a ghillie, a knowledgeable fishing guide, to enhance the fishing experience. It is advisable to contact the fisheries manager or local fishing services for more information on available facilities.

Is parking available?

It is recommended to inquire about parking options at the location or consult local resources for accurate information.

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