Lough Waskel


Co. Donegal, Ireland

Fishery Information

The Waskel System comprises the Loughs Nacloghmore, Aschuller, and Waskel, with Waskel being the main fishing lake. It is a long, deep, narrow lough spanning 85 acres and is known for its good stock of brown trout. The trout in this lough are larger than average due to their heavy predation on sticklebacks, as fly hatches are scarce.

What size do the fish go to?

The brown trout in Lough Waskel can reach impressive sizes, but specific measurements are not mentioned in the provided information.

What tactics work well?

Fly fishing is the only permitted method on Lough Waskel, with no bait or spinner fishing allowed. Recommended flies for catching brown trout in this lough include Blue Daddy, Sedge, Silver Invicta, and Golden Olive patterns. It is suggested to use fry imitations to mimic the trout’s primary prey, the sticklebacks. Barbless hooks are recommended, and there is a catch limit of three fish per session, with catch and release after reaching the limit.

What facilities are on site?

Facilities on site include daily permits, which can be obtained from Charlie Bonner’s Tackle Shop in Dungloe. These permits, priced at €20 per person, include boat hire. Additionally, the club that manages the fishery caters to disabled anglers by providing specifically designed boats and an angler lowering harness. The mention of a “wheelyboat” suggests good access for wheelchair users.

Is parking available?

Parking information is not provided in the given text. It may be helpful to include this information separately or contact the fishery directly for parking arrangements.

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