Lough Beltra


Co. Mayo, Ireland

Fishery Information

Lough Beltra, or Beltra Lough, is a renowned fishery located in County Mayo, Ireland. It is nestled within a picturesque, mountainous region, to the west of Croaghmoyle and northeast of Newport. The Irish name for the lake is Loch Bhéal Trá, which translates to “lake of the beach mouth”. This beautiful lake, set amidst rugged wild countryside, is surrounded by mountains on all sides and is home to several small farms and seven distinct islands.

The fishery is divided East and West between the Glenisland Co-op and Newport House. Lough Beltra Lodge, which is conveniently located in close proximity to some of the best salmon, sea trout, and brown trout fishing in Ireland, recommends that anglers purchase their fishing license online, as this allows them to print out their license and logbook, and receive their salmon tags via post within 4-5 days.

What size do the fish go to?

Lough Beltra is known for its large run of Spring salmon, grilse, and sea trout. The Spring Salmon run from March to June, followed by the Grilse and Sea trout that appear from late May through June and July. Beltra also sees a run of larger harvest salmon in September. The fishery probably has the largest average size of Spring Salmon in the west of Ireland, with catches of up to 20-25 lbs being a possibility.

What tactics work well?

The fishing tactics that work well in Lough Beltra involve the use of flies. The use of a boat with an outboard motor is essential for getting about, due to the size of the lake. It’s also worth noting that the most experienced and cordial ghillie on the lake, Eamonn Kennedy, has been fishing and guiding on Lough Beltra and the Newport River for almost 50 years.

What facilities are on site?

Boats and ghillies are available for hire from both the Newport House and the Glenisland Anglers’ Fishing Co-op. Facilities such as Lough Beltra Lodge also offer easy access to a range of fishing experiences.

Is parking available?

The available information does not specify whether there is parking at Lough Beltra. It would be best to contact the respective fishing lodges or co-ops for this information.

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