Lough Lene


Co. Westmeath, Ireland

Fishery Information

Lough Lene (Irish: Loch Léinn) is a lake situated in north County Westmeath, Ireland, between the villages of Castlepollard, Collinstown, and Fore. The lake is renowned for its rich and varied history, including prehistoric burial sites, old ruins, and many ancient village-type communal circular dwellings, locally called ringforts. It also has a unique heritage of being the home to kings and Vikings, such as Turgesius who had one of his forts upon the hill on the southwest overlooking the lake from the Ranaghan side. Lough Lene covers approximately 500 hectares of exceptionally clear freshwater, with several islands of historical significance. It is the first freshwater lake to obtain a Blue Flag for its pollution-free water, a testament to the local community’s dedication to preserving this valuable resource.

What size do the fish go to?

The lake is known for its brown trout and rainbow trout, some of which have been recorded to be in the 6-8lb bracket, and occasionally even touching double figures. This is partly due to the efforts of the Lough Lene Anglers Association, which manages the lake’s fish population by augmenting the natural population with a stocking policy. The Lough Lene Anglers Association sets a minimum length of 36cm (14 inches) for trout caught and retained on the waters of Lough Lene.

What tactics work well?

Fly fishing is what Lough Lene is more famous for. Throughout the year, fly hatches occur, providing excellent sport on the lake. Tactics range from pulling lures and wets to using nymphs or drys. According to seasoned anglers, using a slow and deep tactic with a hare’s ear pattern imitates the corixa and louse that the fish feed on, proving effective. Moreover, there’s a fly hatch from the first week of March right through till September, providing plentiful opportunities for a great catch.

What facilities are on site?

Lough Lene boasts a picnic area, where visitors can take in the lovely sights and sounds that Lough Lene has to offer. In addition, it offers facilities for fishing permits, bathing, sailing, wind-surfing, and swimming. Dressing rooms are available at the lake point locally referred to as “the Cut” about 2km north from the Collinstown cross-roads. Please note that jet-skis and water-skiing are prohibited on Lough Lene. It is a haven for wildlife lovers, hosting a variety of birds and wildlife, including mute swans, herons, and moorhens.

Is parking available?

Given the range of activities and amenities on site, it is likely that parking would be available for visitors. Please confirm this information with the Lough Lene Anglers Association or other local authorities.

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