Cloonagh Lough


Co. Roscommon, Ireland

Fishery Information

Cloonaghlin Lough and Lough Namona are important fisheries in the Currane catchment, known for salmon and sea trout fishing. Cloonaghlin Lough covers an area of 300 hectares, while Lough Namona spans 80 hectares. These lakes are located northeast of Waterville and Lough Currane, and they are drained by the Owengarriff River, which joins with the Cummeragh River.


The salmon fishing season on Cloonaghlin Lough and Lough Namona runs from 17th January to 30th September. For sea trout, the season extends from 17th January to 12th October. From 1st to 12th October, sea trout fishing is limited to fly fishing only, and all sea trout caught must be released.

What size do the fish go to?

Cloonaghlin Lough and Lough Namona are primarily known for sea trout fishing, but they also have a small run of salmon. The size of the fish may vary, and it depends on water conditions and the time of year. The lakes are productive for sea trout, while Lough Namona tends to have a better run of salmon.

What tactics work well?

When fly fishing on Cloonaghlin Lough and Lough Namona, a single-handed rod measuring 9.5ft to 10ft and a 6 to 8 weight line are recommended, depending on the time of year. Anglers can use a leader ranging from 6lbs to 10lbs. Trolling or spinning is also effective, and a 9ft to 10ft spinning rod with a selection of toby-type or shallow diving lures is suitable. Reels should be filled to capacity with 12lb mono or braid.

What facilities are on site?

Cloonaghlin Lough and Lough Namona offer boat fishing as the best option, as bank fishing is not possible on these lakes. Boats can be hired through the Waterville Development Group, and pre-booking at the Waterville Angling Centre is recommended. Access to the lakes is provided via small tracks located on the northeast side of Lough Namona and the southern shoreline of Cloonaghlin Lough. Public access is not available, and membership of the Waterville Fisheries Development Group is encouraged for a better experience.

Is parking available?

Information about parking availability is not provided in the given text. It is recommended to inquire with the Waterville Development Group or the Waterville Angling Centre regarding parking facilities near Cloonaghlin Lough and Lough Namona.

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