Lough Gill



Fishery Information

Lough Gill, located just 3 kilometers east of Sligo town, is predominantly known as a salmon fishery. Gill holds a stock of brown trout and gets a good run of sea trout during the season. There are public access points at Inisfree, Sriff Bay, Aughamore, and Hazelwood Bay. Permission is not normally required, but the system may be subject to catch and release restrictions or a quota system. Anglers are advised to check with IFI-Ballina before angling.

What size do the fish go to?

The lake contains a variety of fish species, including brown trout, salmon, pike, perch, and sea trout. The average size of the brown trout is around 0.5 pounds, while the size of salmon and sea trout can vary. It’s recommended to check with local fishing authorities or guides for more specific information on the size of the fish in Lough Gill.

What tactics work well?

Various fishing methods can be employed on Lough Gill, depending on the target species and the fishing season. For salmon and sea trout, fly fishing, spinning, and trawling are commonly used methods. For brown trout, fly fishing and spinning can be effective. Anglers are advised to consult with local experts or fishing guides for the best tactics, flies, and techniques based on the specific conditions and fishing regulations.

What facilities are on site?

Lough Gill offers a range of activities and facilities besides fishing. These include rowing, kayaking, open water swimming (such as the Lough Gill 10Km swim), sailing, SUP (stand-up paddleboarding), and waterskiing. There is a car park available for anglers and other visitors.

Is parking available?

Yes, there is a car park available for anglers and visitors to Lough Gill.

Remember to check with local authorities or fishing guides for any updated information or regulations before your trip. Enjoy your fishing adventure on Lough Gill!

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