Lickeen Lough


Co. Clare, Ireland

Fishery Information

Lickeen Lough is a freshwater lake located in The Burren of County Clare in the Mid-West Region of Ireland. The lake measures approximately 2.5 km long and 0.5 km wide.

What size do the fish go to?

The fish species found in Lickeen Lough include rudd, brown trout, three-spined stickleback, and the critically endangered European eel. The size of the fish may vary, and specific information about their maximum size is not provided.

What tactics work well?

For fishing in Lickeen Lough, various tactics can be employed depending on the targeted species. Rudd and brown trout can be caught using different methods such as fly fishing, spin fishing, or bait fishing. It is recommended to consult local anglers or fisheries experts for the most effective tactics for each specific fish species.

What facilities are on site?

It is advisable to check with local authorities or fishing associations for any facilities or amenities that may be present in the area.

Is parking available?

It is recommended to inquire locally about parking options near the lake.

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