Lough Cullin


Co. Mayo, Ireland

Fishery Information

Lough Cullin, located in County Mayo in Ireland, is renowned for its trout and salmon fishing. This 2,000-acre lake is shallow, with its depth ranging from 1 to 2 meters throughout. Notably, it holds one of the earliest olive and mayfly hatches in Ireland because of the shallow water’s quick warming in the spring. This lake is connected to the Atlantic via the River Moy, which provides an extensive supply of Spring Salmon and Grilse. As for the water quality, improvements have been made in recent years, primarily in waste water treatment in the county. However, the eutrophication of the lough, due to pollution, has affected the trout fishing while creating a suitable environment for coarse fish such as roach and pike.

What size do the fish go to?

The trout average around 0.75 lbs in weight, although some larger trout can be found in deeper waters. There are also many salmon in the lake, whose numbers can fluctuate each season. There’s also an abundance of roach and pike in the lake, and many of them can grow to a considerable size.

What tactics work well?

The tactics for fishing in Lough Cullin vary depending on the season and the species being targeted. Trout fishing is best from the northern side of the lake during April and June, with the wet Mayfly patterns proving particularly effective in May. As for salmon, they are often caught by trout anglers using traditional wet fly techniques. Flies such as Claret Bumble, Connemara Black, and Green Peter work well for trout fishing. Fly fishing and spinning are the methods most commonly used in the lough. For targeting the bigger trout lurking at the bottom, fishing a buzzer from an anchored boat can provide some sport.

What facilities are on site?

Lough Cullin provides three access points for anglers. The first is at Drummin off the Foxford-Pontoon road. The second is at Pontoon Bridge, accessible only by footpath. The third access is off the Pontoon-Castlebar road. A new boat mooring and access road is available beside the old ballroom at Pontoon. Boat and boatmen are available for hire locally at Pontoon Bridge Hotel.

Is parking available?

While specific information about parking is not mentioned, it’s likely that parking is available near the access points or the nearby establishments such as The Healy’s Hotel or Pontoon Bridge Hotel. However, it’s recommended to confirm this with the local authorities or the establishments themselves.

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