Kilgory Lough


Loughborough, Co. Clare, Ireland

Fishery Information

Kilgory Lake is a well-developed 70-acre coarse lake located between Broadford and Tulla in County Clare, Ireland. It is regarded as one of the most important lakes in the area and offers a picturesque setting surrounded by woodlands, bogland, and heathered hills.

What size do the fish go to?

Kilgory Lake is home to a variety of fish species, including rudd, bream, rudd/bream hybrids, perch, pike, and eel. The Bream are particularly abundant and at their best between the months of April to October.

What tactics work well?

For coarse fishing, all legal methods are allowed at Kilgory Lake. Anglers can employ various techniques such as float fishing, feeder fishing, or pole fishing to target species like rudd, bream, hybrids, perch, and eel. For pike fishing, all legal methods are permitted, but live bait is not allowed.

What facilities are on site?

Kilgory Lake provides stands for fishing and has adequate car parking available with wheelchair access. There are 7 timber stands on the right side of the car park and 8 concrete stands on the left side. The fishery can accommodate up to 25 anglers simultaneously. Please ensure to park in the designated car park and avoid parking on private property.

Is parking available?

Yes, there is a car park located approximately 30 meters from the lakeshore, which can accommodate 9 to 10 cars. Anglers are requested to park in the designated car park provided and avoid parking on the landowner’s private property.

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