Lough Atedaun


Co. Clare, Ireland

Fishery Information

Lough Atedaun is a freshwater lake situated in the scenic Burren region of County Clare in the Mid-West Region of Ireland. The lake is well-known for its fishing opportunities, attracting anglers from the locality and beyond.

What size do the fish go to?

Lough Atedaun is home to various fish species, including perch, rudd, pike, stone loach, and the critically endangered European eel. The size of the fish can vary, ranging from smaller individuals to larger specimens depending on the species.

What tactics work well?

Anglers can employ different tactics and fishing methods to target the fish species in Lough Atedaun. For perch and rudd, popular techniques may include float fishing with maggots or worms, while pike can be targeted using lures, dead baits, or live baits. Stone loach and European eel may also respond to appropriate fishing methods specific to their habits and preferences. It is recommended to consult local anglers or fishing resources for more specific and up-to-date tactics that work well in Lough Atedaun.

What facilities are on site?

It is advisable to inquire locally or check with relevant authorities for details regarding any facilities, such as amenities, access points, or specific services available at the lake.

Is parking available?

It is recommended to seek local information or consult relevant sources to determine if parking facilities are available near the lake or in its vicinity.

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