Skelsmergh Tarn Fishery


Kendal, Cumbria LA8 9AS, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Because it is one of just a few “marl lakes” in the UK, Skelsmergh Tarn is a particularly unique location found to the north of Kendal, in the county of Cumbria. It has a high level of protection, and being an SSSI places significant limitations on any development permitted there.

The Stillwater coarse fishing water features 10 pegs that are evenly spaced out and interlaced with deep lily beds, making for outstanding fishing. Fishing is from dawn until dusk, all year around.

The location was known for generating exceptionally large tench that feasted on the extremely high quantities of natural food and grew to enormous sizes. In the past, there were also some quite impressive rudd heads.

Otter predation in recent years has taken a toll on these populations, but after protracted deliberations, WADAA was successful in securing approval for the installation of a protective fence. Restocking has taken place now that all of these tasks have been finished and the location is safe. In addition to the abundant perch population already there, rudd and tench have been restocked.

What size do the fish go to?

Not able to get the information at the moment.

What tactics work well?

The location is deep; therefore, the tactics will need to be adjusted accordingly to score well with either the pole or the slider.

What facilities are on site?

Yes, parking is available.

Is parking available?

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