Perch Pool


Warren Road, Wanstead, London, E11 2LT

Fishery Information

If you are looking for a nice place to fish in London, you can never go wrong with the Perch Pond. Regarded as one of the top 5 fishing destinations in London, this water is known for being home to beautiful perch. However, it also has other residents such as carp to 30 lbs, bream, dace, gudgeon and roach.

Located on Warren Road, Perch Pond is also one of the most historic ponds in UK. It was constructed between the 1720s and 1740s, but did not appear on the map until 1735. This local beauty spot is managed by Redbridge Council.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp go to 30 lbs.

What tactics work well?

We couldn’t find any information about the tactics that work well for fishing on site.

What facilities are on site?

We couldn’t find any information about the facilities available on site.

Is parking available?

We couldn’t find any information about parking available on site.

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  1. There are no fish left in this pond. The smaller fish have all been predated by cormorants and the larger fish poached. This water has also been subjected to several fish kills. I have not seen an angler on this lake for several years. I have lived near this water for over 35 years and walk my dog there most days.


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