Walthamstow Reservoirs


Thames Water, 2 Forest Road, London N17 9NH, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

If you are after big fish in the center of London then look no further than Walthamstow Reservoirs. In total there are 10 lakes here that offer both coarse fishing and game fishing. It is also a haven for wildlife and birds.

Three of the lakes are for fly fishing which has been stocked with rainbow and brown trout. Day tickets are available for this.

If coarse fishing is your thing then you have 7 lakes to choose from that all contain some monster fish. These are all big lakes and fishing can be very challenging.

One of the reservoirs holds a massive stock of bream that are 10lb and over with the biggest being 17lb.

During our research it seems all the coarse fishing reservoirs hold carp to 30lb and some have an unknown element to them due to their vast size.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp to 44lb
There are a lot of bream over 10lb with some going to 17lb

What tactics work well?

With them being such big lakes, feeder fishing or ledgering work best here. You will also need patience as fishing can be tough.

What facilities are on site?

This is a large area and part of a nature reserve and wetlands area so there isn’t much there.

Is parking available?

Yes, its available in the main car park and also at the side of the road.

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