Cullings Pool


Castle Donington, Derby DE72 2HL, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

This fishery is run by Derby Railway Angling Club.

Cullings Pool, named after the late president, is a former gravel working that spans approximately three acres. The pool features shallow margins that gradually slope to a depth of 6ft at a distance of 2-3 rod lengths. The deepest area of the pool reaches 15-18ft.

What size do the fish go to?

The pool holds a diverse range of fish, including perch, roach, rudd, carp, and some bream. The initial stocking of 100 mirror and common carp at 4-5lbs took place in March 2001. Over the years, some of these carp have grown to impressive sizes, exceeding 30lb. The pool’s relatively large carp population offers anglers a good opportunity to target and catch these fish.

What tactics work well?

Due to the weedy nature of the pool in recent years, it is important to find clearer areas for presenting rigs. Anglers are advised to use a bare lead to explore the bottom and locate suitable spots. The carp in the pool are usually quite active, especially during the warmer months, and can often be found patrolling the margins. A light scattering of bait tends to attract their attention. As for other species like perch, roach, and rudd, employing appropriate tactics and baits commonly used for these fish can yield good results.

What facilities are on site?

Anglers should come prepared with their own fishing equipment and supplies. It is recommended to bring essentials such as seating, shelters, tackle boxes, and any other necessary equipment to ensure a comfortable fishing experience.

Is parking available?

Access to the pool is via a stoned roadway through a locked gateway. Adjacent parking is available for anglers, allowing for convenient access to the fishery.

It is worth noting that an otter fence was erected around the lake in 2018 to protect the fish from predators and prevent them from escaping during flooding. Anglers are reminded to ensure that the gates are locked at all times and report any damage to the club. Additionally, if any holes are observed around the fence caused by wildlife digging, it is requested to block them off to maintain the integrity of the enclosure.

There is a two-rod limit on this pool, and night fishing is not allowed.

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