Burton Farm Fishery


Burton Lane, Burton Hastings, Warwickshire CV11 6RA, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Burton Farm Fishery is a gorgeous complex located just outside of Nuneaton within the midst of 72 acres of fields and woodland. There are currently five lakes available for fishing, with the Kingfisher Lake being the most active. The site takes great pride in providing mixed fishing to a diverse group of anglers, and it features an incredible variety of fishing suitable for carp, match, and pleasure anglers of all skill levels.

Located on the Burton Farm property, the recently expanded Kingfisher is a clay pit that spans three acres and features a sizable island in the middle. Its depths range from five to seven feet on average. Formerly two separate lakes, the redevelopment has resulted in the creation of some interesting subsurface features, in addition to the large visible island, which complements the nicely maturing fauna.

Kingfisher has eight swims spread out around its perimeter, and the bottom of the lake is predominantly clay. There are a number of humps and raised areas found by using a marker float in a conscientious manner.

What size do the fish go to?

In addition to the original stock of fish that reach up to 25 pounds, Burton Farm Fishery has sourced a good head of young, fast-growing fish in the range of 8-30 pounds or more.

What tactics work well?

With, Kingfisher is mostly free of weeds, and carp can be caught using a variety of techniques. Hungry young fish love a good quality boilie fished over a small bed of pellets, with an additional helping of loose feed added after every bite, which really helps to get the swim rocking. A PVA mesh bag stuffed with 8–10 boilies and fished in ‘one bite at a time’ is difficult to beat when it comes to targeting larger fish. Alternatively, a boilie-only approach can be used to target only the largest carp.

What facilities are on site?



Fishery pellets sold on site

Fish care first aid kits

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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