Coldingham Loch


Westloch Road, Coldingham, Scottish Borders TD14 5QE

Fishery Information

Coldingham Loch is a natural spring-fed loch that spans 22 acres and is located in the south-eastern region of Scotland. It enjoys a one-of-a-kind setting and is close to the magnificent cliffs of the Berwickshire coast. Moreover, the Loch is the only eutrophic (naturally nutrient-rich) Loch in the Scottish Borders. It allows the keen angler to enjoy the fantastic top-of-the-water sport.

Coldingham Loch, one of the oldest established trout fisheries in Scotland, has a reputation for delivering exceptional fly fishing from both boat and bank for its top-quality Brown, Blue, and Rainbow Trout, making it one of Scotland’s most popular trout fishing destinations.

What size do the fish go to?

Information not available.

What tactics work well?

Fly fishing

What facilities are on site?

Boat hire


Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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